62-673.620. Closure Procedures  

Effective on Thursday, March 25, 1993
  • 1(1) Closing inspections. The Department shall specify in the closure permit or closure plan which particular closing steps or operations must be inspected and approved by the Department before proceeding with subsequent closure actions.

    35(2) Final survey and record drawings. A final survey shall be performed after closure is complete by an engineer or a registered land surveyor to verify that final contours and elevations of the phosphogypsum stack system are in accordance with the plan as approved in the permit. Aerial mapping techniques which provide equivalent survey accuracy may be substituted for the survey. The survey or aerial mapping information shall be included in a report along with information reflecting the record drawings of the phosphogypsum stack system. Contours should be shown at no greater than five-foot intervals. The owner or operator shall submit this report to the Department in accordance with the closing schedule.

    147(3) Certification of closure construction completion. A certification of closure construction completion, signed, dated and sealed by the engineer of record, shall be provided to the Department upon completion of closure.

    178(4) Official date of closing. Upon receipt of the documents required in subsections (2) and (3) of this rule, the Department shall, within 30 days, acknowledge by letter to the facility operator that notice of termination of operations and closing of the phosphogypsum stack system has been received. The date of this letter shall be the official date of closing for purposes of determining the long-term care period.

    246(5) Use of closed phosphogypsum stack systems. Closed phosphogypsum stack systems, if disturbed, are a potential hazard to public health, groundwater and the environment. The Department retains regulatory control over any activities which may affect the integrity of the environmental protection measures such as the final cover, drainage, liners, monitoring system, or leachate and stormwater controls. Consultation with the Department is required before conducting activities at the closed phosphogypsum stack systems.

    317Specific Authority 319403.061, 320403.4154, 321403.70 FS. Law Implemented 325403.4154, 326403.707 FS. 328History–New 3-25-93, Formerly 17-673.620.