62-701.315. Permit Fees for Solid Waste Management Facilities  

Effective on Sunday, February 15, 2015
  • 1Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 662-4.050(4)(j), 7F.A.C., the following fees shall apply to permit applications for solid waste management facilities. The provisions of paragraphs 2562-4.050(4)(o) 26through (v), F.A.C., continue to apply to such permits or applications. Fees for permit modifications are established in subsection 4562-701.320(4), 46F.A.C.

    47(1) Construction permits.

    50(a) Class I landfill


    56(b) Class III landfill

    60$  6,000

    63(c) Manure or yard trash composting facility

    70$  2,000

    73(d) Solid waste composting facility

    78$  5,000

    81(e) Offsite biomedical waste treatment facility.

    87$  2,000

    90(f) 91All other solid waste facilities

    96$  1,000

    99(2) Operation permits.


    102(a) Class I landfill


    108(b) Class III landfill

    112$  4,000

    115(c) Manure and yard trash composting facility

    122$  1,000

    125(d) Solid waste composting facility

    130$  3,000

    133(e) Off-site biomedical waste treatment facility

    139$  1,000

    142(f) All other solid waste facilities

    148$     500

    150(3) Closure permits.


    153(a) Class I landfill

    157$  7,500

    160(b) Class III landfill

    164$  4,000

    167(c) Closure permit for landfill that involves only long-term care (10-year duration)

    179$  2,000

    182(4) Waste processing facility.


    186(a) Construction/operation permit

    189$  2,000

    192(b) Renewal permit that does not involve additional construction

    201$  1,000

    204(c) General permit for indoor facilities

    210$     100

    212(5) Construction and demolition debris disposal facilities.


    219(a) Construct, operate, and close a facility, including facilities that also recycle

    231$  2,500

    234(b) Renewal permit that does not involve additional construction

    243$  1,000

    246(c) Renewal permit involving only long-term care

    253$     250

    255(6) General permit for yard trash disposal facility 263or a mobile waste tire processing facility.

    270$     100

    272(7) Construction permit and/or an operation permit for a facility which has multiple solid waste management components that normally would require individual solid waste permits. A single application may be submitted and the permit fee will be the sum of all individual permits.

    315(8) Request for an Alternate Procedure.

    321(a) Landfill

    323$  2,000

    326(b) Other

    328$     500

    330(9) Research, Development and Demonstration permits (337per year up to three342-year duration).

    344$  1,000

    347(10) Ground Water Monitoring Plan Approvals for landfills with no other Department permit.

    360$     500

    362(11) Transfer of permit.

    366$       50

    368(12) Waste tire permits.

    372(a) Construction/operation waste tire processing facility.

    378(b) Construction/operation small waste tire processing facility.

    385(c) Waste tire collection facility.


    390$  1,250

    393$     500

    395$     500

    397(13) Fees for permits to construct, operate, or close that are issued for periods longer than five years shall be calculated as follows: the fee listed in this section, plus 20% of the fee listed in this section for each year over five years for which a permit is sought. For example, an applicant for a 20-year permit for landfill operation would pay a fee of $40,000 ($10,000 for the first 5 years, plus 20% of $10,000 for each of the additional 15 years).

    484(14) Applicants for permits of more than five years may elect to pay the entire permit fee at the time of application. Applicants may also elect to pay the fee listed above at the time of application, and make payments of 100% of the fee listed above every five years thereafter for the duration of the permit. For example, an applicant for a 20-year permit for landfill operation could pay $40,000 at the time of application, or could pay $10,000 at the time of application, plus $10,000 every five years thereafter until the time for permit renewal. Any future amendments to this section that result in increases in permit fees will not increase the fees for applicants until a renewal permit or permit modification is applied for. Failure to make such subsequent payments in a timely manner will be considered a violation of this rule and may subject the applicant to enforcement action by the Department.

    643Rulemaking Authority 645403.061, 646403.087, 647403.704 FS. 649Law Implemented 651403.087, 652403.702, 653403.704, 654403.707, 655403.70715 FS. 657History–New 5-27-01, Amended 1-6-10, 8-12-12, 2-15-15.


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