62-730.171. Transfer Facilities  

Effective on Wednesday, November 13, 2019
  • 1(1) 240 C.F.R. 263.12 5[as adopted by reference in subsection 1162-730.170(1), 12F.A.C.] provides that transporters who store manifested hazardous waste in proper containers at a transfer facility for 10 days or less are exempt from regulation as a hazardous waste facility. If the waste is stored for more than 10 days, the facility is subject to the permitting requirements for a hazardous waste storage facility.

    66(2)(a) The transporter who is owner or operator of a transfer facility which stores manifested shipments of hazardous waste for more than 24 hours but 10 days or less (hereinafter referred to as “the transfer facility”) shall obtain an EPA/DEP identification number for each transfer facility location and notify the Department using Form 11962-730.900(1)(b), 120“8700-12FL – Florida Notification of Regulated Waste Activity,” [adopted by reference in paragraph 13462-730.150(2)(a), 135F.A.C.].

    136(b) Notification pursuant to this subsection shall be submitted at least 30 days before the storage of hazardous waste is to begin at a transfer facility.

    162(c) The initial notification shall include the information and documentation required by subsection 17562-730.171(3), 176F.A.C.

    177(d) The transfer facility shall re-notify annually by submitting Form 18762-730.900(1)(b), 188“8700-12FL – Florida Notification of Regulated Waste Activity,” which is adopted and incorporated by reference at paragraph 20662-730.150(2)(a), 207F.A.C., and evidence of the transporter’s financial responsibility as required under subsection 21962-730.170(3), 220F.A.C. Any changes in the transfer facility’s operations or information as reported on the last annual notification shall be reported on this form in the next annual re-notification.

    248(3)(a) The following items constitute initial transfer facility notification:

    2571. Certification by a responsible corporate officer of the transporter that the proposed location satisfies the criteria of Section 276403.7211(2), F.S. 278The Certification shall state a factual basis for the conclusion that the location criteria are met, and how those facts were determined.

    3002. Completed Form 30362-730.900(1)(b), 304“8700-12FL – Florida Notification of Regulated Waste Activity,” which is adopted and incorporated by reference at paragraph 32262-730.150(2)(a), 323F.A.C.

    3243. Evidence of the transporter’s financial responsibility as required under subsection 33562-730.170(3), 336F.A.C.

    3374. A brief general description of the transfer facility operations, including customer base, anticipated waste codes, operating procedures, structures and equipment (with the maximum design capacity for storage), including engineering drawings or sketches if any.

    3725. A copy of a closure plan demonstrating that the transfer facility will be closed in a manner which satisfies the closure performance, notification, and decontamination standards of 40040 C.F.R. 265.111, 403265.112, 265.114 and 265.115 [as adopted by reference in subsection 41362-730.180(2), 414F.A.C.].

    4156. A copy of the contingency and emergency plan required by paragraph 42762-730.171(4)(a), 428F.A.C.

    4297. A map or maps of the transfer facility, depicting property boundaries, access control, buildings or other structures and pertinent features (such as recreation areas, runoff and stormwater control systems, access or internal roads, sanitary and process sewer systems, loading and unloading areas, and fire control equipment.)

    476(b) A transporter who is operating a transfer facility must notify the Department prior to making changes in any of the items listed in paragraph 50162-730.171(3)(a), 502F.A.C.

    503(c) No person shall operate a transfer facility before receiving confirmation from the Department that the initial notification package is complete and technically adequate and receiving an EPA identification number for the transfer facility.

    537(4) A transfer facility shall comply with the following requirements:

    547(a) 54840 C.F.R. Part 265 552Subparts B (general facility standards), C (preparedness and prevention), D (contingency and emergency plan), and I (management of containers), with the exception of 265.13, 576as adopted by reference in subsection 58262-730.180(2), 583F.A.C.

    584(b) The aisle space requirements described in 59140 C.F.R. 265.35 594and the special requirements for incompatible wastes described in 60340 C.F.R. 265.177(c) 606shall not apply at transfer facilities to containers stored in trucks loaded in accordance with DOT regulations described in 62540 C.F.R. 263.10 628[as adopted by reference in subsection 63462-730.170(1), 635F.A.C.].

    636(5) Hazardous waste stored at transfer facilities in containers or vehicles shall be stored on a manmade surface which is capable of preventing spills or releases to the ground.

    665(6) The transfer facility shall maintain a written record of 675the items listed below. This recordkeeping requirement applies to all hazardous waste that enters and leaves the transfer facility, including hazardous waste generated by 699very small quantity generators (VSQGs)704. Records required in this subsection shall be maintained in permanent form for at least three years and shall be available for inspection by the Department. The records shall be kept at the facility unless the Department gives written approval to do otherwise.

    747(a) Manifest number for each shipment that enters and leaves the facility, or, for a shipment from a 765VSQG 766without a manifest, an identifying number from the shipping document.

    776(b) The date when all hazardous waste enters and leaves the facility.

    788(c) The generator’s name and the EPA/DEP identification number. For 798VSQG799s without an EPA/DEP identification number, the record shall include the name and address of the generator.

    816(d) Amounts of hazardous waste and hazardous waste codes associated with each shipment into and out of the facility.

    835(7) Within 60 days of closure of the transfer facility, the transporter who is owner or operator of the transfer facility shall submit to the Department a certification that the facility has been closed in accordance with the specifications in the closure plan. The certification shall be signed by the owner or operator of the transfer facility, by the owner of the real property where the transfer facility is located, and by a Florida-registered, professional engineer.

    911(8) Construction, initial operation or substantial modification of a transfer facility which stores shipments of hazardous waste that are required to be manifested, and which does not comply with the location standards in Section 945403.7211, F.S, 947is prohibited. A transporter operating a transfer facility is subject to the demonstration requirements of subsections 96362-730.182(3)-964(8), F.A.C., regarding substantial modification.

    969Rulemaking Authority 971403.0877, 972403.704, 973403.721 FS. 975Law Implemented 977403.0877, 978403.704, 979403.721 FS. 981History–New 3-2-86, Amended 6-28-88, Formerly 17-30.171, Amended 8-13-90, 9-10-91, 10-14-92, Formerly 17-730.171, Amended 1-5-95, 1-29-06, 10-28-08, 1-4-09, 4-23-13, 6-18-18, 11-13-19.