62-780.450. Combined Document  

Effective on Thursday, February 2, 2017
  • 1(1) The Interim Source Removal Report, the Site Assessment Report, the Risk Assessment Report, and the Remedial Action Plan, as applicable, may be submitted by the PRSR to the Department for review either separately as each program task is completed, or as a combined document. Other individual program task documents may be included in a combined document if agreed to in writing by the Department.

    66(2) The combined document may incorporate, as applicable, the required content for the Interim Source Removal Report, Site Assessment Report, Risk Assessment Report, and Remedial Action Plan program tasks pursuant to rules 62-780.525, 9962-780.600, 10062-780.650, 101and 10262-780.700, 103F.A.C., respectively, including an Interim Source Removal Proposal, a No Further Action Proposal, or a Natural Attenuation with Monitoring Plan associated with the Site Assessment Report or the Risk Assessment Report.

    134(3) If the PRSR elects to prepare a combined document in lieu of individual program task documents, the time for filing the document shall be governed by the earliest submission deadline for any component, unless the Department agrees to a different schedule in advance, and in writing.

    181(4) Within the time frames of Table A or the CAD, the PRSR shall submit an electronic or paper copy 201of the combined document to the Department for review, including all applicable professional certifications as required pursuant to rule 22062-780.400, 221F.A.C.

    222(5) The Department shall:

    226(a) Provide the PRSR with written approval of the individual program task or the combined document, or

    243(b) Notify the PRSR in writing, stating:

    2501. The reason(s) why one or more individual program tasks or the combined document does not conform with the requirements of the applicable criteria of rule 27662-780.500, 27762-780.600, 27862-780.650, 279or 28062-780.700, 281F.A.C., or

    2832. The reason(s) why a No Further Action Proposal or a Natural Attenuation Monitoring Plan does not meet the applicable criteria of rule 30662-780.680 307or 30862-780.690, 309F.A.C., respectively.

    311(6) If the individual program task or combined document is incomplete in any respect, or is insufficient to satisfy the requirements of the applicable criteria of rule 33862-780.500, 33962-780.600, 34062-780.650, 341or 34262-780.700, 343F.A.C., the Department shall inform the PRSR pursuant to paragraph 35362-780.450(5)(b), 354F.A.C., and the PRSR shall submit to the Department for review an electronic or paper copy of a Combined Document Addendum that addresses the deficiencies within 60 days after receipt of the notice.

    387Rulemaking Authority 389376.3071, 390376.30701, 391376.3078(4), 392376.81, 393403.0877 FS. 395Law Implemented 397376.3071, 398376.30701, 399376.3078(4), 400376.81, 401403.0877 FS. 403History–New 4-17-05, Amended 6-12-13, 2-2-17.
    408Editorial Note: 410Portions of this rule were copied from rule 41862-782.450; 419and 42062-785.450, 421F.A.C422.


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