62-780.550. Nonpetroleum De Minimis Discharges  

Effective on Thursday, February 2, 2017
  • 1(1) For purposes of this rule section, a “nonpetroleum de minimis discharge” means a discharge 16of pollutants or hazardous substances 21excluding 22petroleum or petroleum products as defined in sections 30376.30131(32) and (33), 34F.S., 35that is removed from the soil, sediment, surface water, and groundwater to CTLs or background concentrations pursuant to subsection 5462-780.680(1), 55F.A.C., within a period of 30 days from the discovery of the discharge.

    68(2) Nonpetroleum de minimis discharges shall as addressed as an interim source removal and shall be subject to the applicable requirements of rule 62-780.525, F.A.C., except for the notification and reporting requirements of that rule and the notification requirements of subsection 10962-780.220(1), 110F.A.C. De minimis discharges of drycleaning solvents shall not be exempt from the reporting requirements of subsection 12762-780.210(2), 128F.A.C.

    129(3) The PRSR shall maintain records of the actions that were taken in response to the discharge including the information required pursuant to paragraph 62-780.525(7)(a), F.A.C., for five years from the date of the discharge. The records shall be made available to the Department upon request. 175Upon completing activities and maintaining records in accordance with this rule, no other site rehabilitation requirements of this chapter are required to be followed unless, upon Department review, the criteria of this rule have not been met.

    212Rulemaking Authority 214376.30701, 215376.3078(4), 216376.81 FS. 218Law Implemented 220376.30701, 221376.3078(4), 222376.81 FS. 224History–New 4-17-05, Amended 6-12-13, 2-2-17.


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