62-780.790. Time Schedules  

Effective on Wednesday, June 12, 2013
  • 1(1) Site rehabilitation performed pursuant to this chapter shall be conducted within the time frames specified in Table A of this chapter, except that.

    25(a) If the PRSR has entered into a CAD with the Department for site rehabilitation, the time frames specified in the CAD shall take precedence over the time frames specified in Table A of this chapter; or

    62(b) If the Department is the PRSR, the time frames specified in this chapter do not apply.

    79(2) Unless specified otherwise in this chapter, within 60 days of receipt of a written notification from the Department that a plan or report does not contain adequate information or that the information provided is not supported by the applicable criteria, the PRSR shall submit to the Department the requested information for review.

    132(3) A modification of the time frame may be obtained by the PRSR for any action set forth in this chapter for good cause shown by requesting in writing that the Department make such a modification. The request shall specify which time frame(s) is to be modified, the amount of additional time required, and provide documentation supporting the good cause for the request. The request shall be received by the Department at least 20 days prior to the time the action is to be initiated. If emergency situations at a site do not allow for a full 20 days notice, the request shall detail such emergency situation. Within 20 days of receipt of a request for modification, the Department shall notify the PRSR in writing if additional information regarding the request is needed. The Department shall notify the PRSR in writing within 20 days of receipt of the request or of the additional information as to whether modification of the time frame(s) will be allowed. For purposes of this paragraph, good cause shall mean unanticipated events outside the control of the PRSR. Applicable deadlines referenced pursuant to this chapter shall be tolled while a request for modification of a time frame is pending.

    335(4) The failure of the PRSR to submit requested information or meet any time frame herein shall be a violation of Chapters 376 and 403, F.S., and shall be enforceable by the Department pursuant to Sections 371376.303 372and 373403.121, F.S., 375unless otherwise addressed by a CAD.

    381(5) In no circumstances shall the Department’s failure to meet any time frame be construed as approval of any plan or action by the Department.

    406Rulemaking Authority 408376.303, 409376.3071, 410376.30701, 411376.3078(4) FS. 413Law Implemented 415376.303, 416376.3071, 417376.30701, 418376.30711, 419376.3078(4) FS. 421History–New 4-17-05, Amended 6-12-13.


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