62B-41.008. Information Regarding Permit Application Requirements and Procedures  

Effective on Thursday, October 17, 2019
  • 1(1) A Joint Coastal Permit, pursuant to subsection 962B-49.005(1), 10F.A.C., is required in order to conduct any coastal construction activities in Florida. All information in conjunction with an application shall only be submitted by the applicant or the duly authorized agent. 42The information listed below provides specific details for application requirements related to this chapter56:

    57(a) A topographic and bathymetric survey drawing of the proposed project site. 69The drawing shall be submitted in a Geographical Information System format (.shp, .dwg, .dxf., or other GIS compatible format) using layers for the specific information listed below. 96The topographic and bathymetric information depicted in the drawing shall be from a survey performed within six months prior to the date of application. A more recent survey will be required in the event conditions have significantly changed. The survey drawings shall include the following specific information:

    1431. Topographic and bathymetric data, which shall be provided as offshore and onshore cross-sectional profiles 158in ASCII files containing raw x, y, and z profile data points, 170and as a contour map. Profiles shall extend from the crest of the first dune, dune escarpment or rigid coastal structure to at least 1,000 feet seaward of the seaward extent of the proposed project or to the distance of the depth of closure, whichever is more seaward, unless a more seaward limit is specified by the Department to determine the active zone of influence of the proposed project. Profiles shall be taken at least every 500 feet along the proposed project site and for a distance up to at least 1,000 feet laterally along the shoreline adjacent to both ends of the proposed project site. If the topography and bathymetry are varied and complex, profile lines of a higher density, or which are longer than otherwise required shall be provided. The contour map shall include 1 foot contour intervals. A bathymetric survey including a one foot contour map or a contour map of sufficient resolution to adequately describe the area shall be provided for all borrow sources or areas to be excavated and extending at least one hundred feet beyond the limits of the area to be excavated.

    3612. All elevations, referenced to N.A.V.D.

    3673. Survey control information with all survey data, including coordinates of all survey reference monuments given in Florida state plane coordinates and azimuths for all profile lines.

    3944. The location, including coordinates, of all Department survey reference monuments within the project limits, including the nearest adjacent monument on either side of the project.

    4205. The mean high-water line, and, if applicable, the erosion control line.

    4326. The seaward limit of vegetation.

    4387. The location and areal extent of any subsurface or beach and nearshore rock outcrops or any hard bottom or reef tract which may be impacted by the proposed project.

    4688. All existing structures on, or adjacent to, the project area, including sufficient descriptive identification and accurate location references.

    4879. The scale of the drawings.

    49310. Designation of north direction.

    49811. The dates of the field surveys.

    50512. The signature and seal of the professional surveyor, duly registered pursuant to Chapter 472, F.S., who performed the survey, accompanied by a certification that the submitted drawing accurately reflects a field survey which complies with the requirements of this section.

    54613. Projects involving or impacting inlets shall include an accurate survey of all affected ebb and flood tidal shoals.

    565(b) If the proposed work is associated with an inlet, the applicant will provide the following information in order to demonstrate that the proposed activity will not have a significant adverse impact on adjacent beaches or the inlet system:

    6041. A description of the physical characteristics of the inlet;

    6142. A sediment budget for the inlet 621and an inlet sand bypassing objective that balances the sediment budget between the inlet and the adjacent eroding beaches within the area of inlet influence;

    6463. An analysis of the stability and hydraulic characteristics of the inlet including current velocities, tidal prism and current patterns of the flood and ebb tides;

    6724. A description of the wind and wave climate in the area of inlet influence;

    6875. A description of the sediment characteristics of the inlet and its related shoals;

    7016. The influence of existing manmade structures on coastal littoral processes;

    7127. The current and historic shoreline erosion and accretion trends;

    7228. A statement of performance objectives and an analysis of the expected affect of proposed coastal construction on the coastal system and marine turtles within the inlet area of influence;

    7529. An analysis of available alternatives to the proposed coastal construction, including the no action alternative, on meeting the stated performance objective and any related affects on the coastal system or marine turtles; and,

    78610. A description of the anticipated public benefits of the coastal construction.

    798(c) Any additional information, including topographic, bathymetric, wave and current data; coastal processes, conditions and morphological trends; and existing manmade and natural features, found by staff to be reasonably necessary for proper evaluation of the application under applicable statutory and rule criteria.

    840(2) Any of the requirements contained in paragraph 84862B-41.008(1)(a) 849or (b), F.A.C., will be waived if, the Department determines that the information is unnecessary for a proper evaluation of the proposed work.

    872(3) If the processing of the application is prolonged, or if a storm event is known to have altered the shoreline such that the staff determines that the topographic and bathymetric survey data is no longer adequate to complete its analysis, then an updated survey shall be required as specified in paragraph (1)(h), above. In the event that an updated survey is required, the application shall be treated as an amended application pursuant to subsection 94762B-41.0085(3), 948F.A.C., 949and as a substantial revision, pursuant to 956subsection 95762B-49.005(5), 958F.A.C.

    959Rulemaking Authority 96120.255, 962161.041(1), 963161.055(1), 964(2) FS. Law Implemented 96820.255, 969161.041(1), 970(2), (3), (4), (7)(b), 974161.042, 975161.051, 976161.055(1), 977(2), 978161.142, 979379.2431(1) FS. 981History–New 8-23-92, Formerly 16B-41.008, Amended 10-23-01, 1-11-17, 10-17-19.