62B-49.006. Fees  

Effective on Thursday, November 19, 2015
  • 1(1) Each application for a joint coastal permit, except those applications filed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department, shall be accompanied by the full application fee which is based on the sum of fees required in Rules 4262-4.050, 4362B-41.0085, 4418-21.008, 4518-21.009, 46and 4718-21.010, 48F.A.C. Fees assessed pursuant to these rules are not refundable, except fees received for an activity that is exempt and fee payments in excess of the amount required by these chapters. 79If an applicant withdraws an application for a joint coastal permit prior to agency action, any processing fee submitted with that application shall be applied to the processing fee for a new application or notice received from the same applicant if done within 365 days from when the previous application was withdrawn, provided the activity is located within 137all or part of the same project area145. In such a case, additional 151processing fees will be required only to collect the balance due for the activities proposed in the revised application or notice. Processing fees previously paid for an application or notice that was denied by the agency shall not be applied to a new or revised application or notice. 199All fees submitted will be verified for accuracy by Department staff.

    210(2) When an application is received without the required fee, or with a fee that is less than the amount required, the Department shall begin processing the application. The Department shall calculate the full application fee based upon the information submitted, and notify the applicant of the calculated fee in a RAI. If the applicant fails to remit the calculated processing fee within 45 days of the subsequent response (or partial response) to the RAI, the Department shall deny the application pursuant to Section 294373.109, F.S.

    296(3) The cost for publishing public notice of receipt of the application and public notice of intended agency action, as described in subsection 31962B-49.005(8), 320F.A.C., shall be borne by the applicant.

    327(4) In addition to application fees, severance fees, private easement fees and lease fees shall be paid p345r346ior to receipt of notice to proceed.

    353Rulemaking Authority 355161.0535, 356161.055(1), 357(2), 358373.427(1) FS. 360Law Implemented 362161.0535, 363161.055(1), 364(2), 365373.109, 366373.427(5) FS. 368History–New 10-12-95, Amended 2-19-98, 5-17-07, 11-19-15.


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