63G-2.023. Youth Activities  

Effective on Sunday, August 09, 2015
  • 1(1) Daily Activities.

    4(a) Youths are expected to participate in all activities unless exempted due to medical or disciplinary reasons.

    21(b) JJDOs shall supervise all activities and shall maintain safety and security.

    33(2) Activity Schedules.

    36(a) The Superintendent or designee shall develop a daily schedule clearly outlining the days and times for every youth activity.

    56(b) Daily activity schedules shall be posted in all living areas.

    67(c) JJDOSs shall adhere to the daily activity schedules. The on-duty Supervisor must approve any significant changes in the activity schedule (e.g., cancellations, extended delays, etc.), and shall document the rationale for the changes on the shift report.

    105(d) The placement of all youths in their rooms for a period exceeding two hours is defined as a lockdown. This excludes the placement of all youths in their rooms for sleeping purposes or a situation prompted by inclement weather. The Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent shall be notified immediately should a lockdown occur. In addition, the Regional Director shall be notified.

    166(3) Gender-Specific programming: 169Detention facilities shall provide gender-specific programming and strategies for at-risk girls and boys, including those related to physical and mental abuse, high risk sexual behavior, mental health and substance abuse issues and gang activity.

    203(4) Restorative Justice: 206Detention facilities shall provide services that reflect and promote restorative justice programming and strategies. 220Programming will enhance accountability, community safety and competency development in the restorative justice model.

    234(5) Life and Social Skills: Detention facilities shall provide interventions or instruction that focus on developing life and social skill competencies in youths. Life and social skills are those skills that help youths function more responsibly and successfully in everyday life situations, including skills that specifically address interpersonal relationships. Non-clinical staff may implement life and social skills interventions or instruction except when the instructional materials are specifically designed for use by clinical staff.

    307(6) Education: All youth will receive educational services and instruction while detained.

    319(7) Recreation and Physical Activities.

    324(a) Youths shall be afforded at least one hour daily of large muscle exercise outdoors. Outdoor exercises may be canceled, postponed or moved indoors at the discretion of the JJDOS for reasons related to weather, safety or security but such actions shall be documented.

    368(b) Activities such as free weights, softball, baseball, tackle football and horseshoes are prohibited activities due to safety and security concerns.

    389(c) Officers shall not participate in any physical activity with youths, but may direct or otherwise instruct youths in an activity.

    410(d) Exercises shall be consistent with the youths’ physical capabilities.

    420(e) Exercises shall not be used for punitive reasons nor to demean, embarrass or humiliate a youth.

    437(8) Indoor Activities.

    440(a) Indoor activities shall promote educational, problem solving and/or life skills.

    451(b) The Superintendent shall oversee the conditions, content, and supervision necessary for the use of books and other leisure reading materials, television programming, videos, movies, and games in the program. Except for academic classroom materials approved by educational personnel, the Superintendent or designee shall screen or preview the content of books and other reading materials, television programming, videos, movies, and games to prevent youth’s access to content that promotes violence, criminal activity, sexual activity, or abuse.

    527(c) All movies shall be rated G or PG and be previously approved by the Superintendent or designee. All PG 13 movies must approved by the Assistant Secretary for Detention Services.

    558(d) Indoor activities shall be canceled or postponed at the discretion of the on-duty Supervisor for reasons related to safety or security. Such actions shall be documented.

    585(e) The JJDOS shall ensure that television/videos are used either for educational purposes or as part of the facility’s behavior management system. Television programs and videos shall be content appropriate and should not promote violence, criminal activity, or sexual/abusive situations.

    625(f) Youth access to the internet shall be limited to educational purposes only and must be under direct supervision by staff.

    646(9) Visitation.

    648(a) The Superintendent shall develop a visitation plan that addresses the safety and security of visitors, staff, and youths. At a minimum, visitation shall be scheduled one day a week and shall be clearly posted in the lobby area of the facility. Legal counsel, probation, law enforcement, guardian ad litems, clergy and other professionals may visit youth outside of regularly established visitation times as necessary and approved.

    715(b) All visitors shall sign in and out and be checked for contraband.

    728(10) Telephone Usage.

    731(a) The Superintendent shall develop procedures governing telephone usage.

    740(b) All youth shall have access to use a telephone for a minimum of fifteen minutes per week.

    758(c) Youth shall have access to a telephone to make or receive telephone calls with/from legal counsel and/or their JPO. These calls are not counted as part of the weekly allocated fifteen minutes of calls.

    793(11) Mail.

    795(a) The Superintendent shall develop procedures governing mail.

    803(b) Youths shall be provided the opportunity to both receive and send mail.

    816(c) Postage and writing materials shall be provided by the facility for personal correspondence for youth to post a minimum of two (2) letters weekly.

    841(d) All incoming and outgoing mail shall be screened within 48 hours for content that could jeopardize safety or security.

    861Rulemaking Authority 863985.601(9)(b) FS. 865Law Implemented 867985.601(9)(b)1.-2., 868(c) FS. History–New 8-9-15.


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