63H-1.014. Training Instructor Qualifications  

Effective on Tuesday, July 5, 2011
  • 1(1) PAR Instructor Candidate requirements:

    6(a) One year of experience, working full time, in juvenile justice, criminal justice, or juvenile social services;

    23(b) Facility PAR certification;

    27(c) Successful completion of the CJSTC Instructor Techniques course; and

    37(d) Successful completion of the PAR Train-the-Trainer 80-hour course conducted by a Master PAR Instructor. An instructor candidate shall be allowed to attend a PAR Train-the-Trainer course only if he or she has achieved the requirements in paragraphs (a), (b), and (c).

    79(e) PAR Instructor candidates shall demonstrate proficiency for all physical intervention techniques and mechanical restraints listed on the PAR Instructor Performance Evaluation form. In addition, the Instructor candidate must demonstrate the ability to verbally communicate how the techniques are to be performed. The demonstration shall be evaluated by one Master PAR Instructor and one PAR Instructor.

    135(f) Satisfactory demonstration of presentation skills using the PAR Instructor Skills Evaluation Report. The PAR Instructor Skills Evaluation Report (ADSD-011, revised 6/01/2006) is incorporated by reference, and is available at the department’s website (http://www.djj.state.fl.us/forms/sd/par_performance_evaluation.pdf).

    169(2) A score of 85 percent or higher on the PAR written examination. The instructor candidate shall have two attempts to pass the examination.

    193(3) One PAR Performance Evaluation for PAR Instructors form shall be used for each attempt that the instructor candidate makes to pass the performance evaluation. The instructor candidate shall have two attempts to pass the evaluation.

    229(a) If remediation is required, the Master PAR Instructor shall have the discretion to determine whether remediation will be conducted on-site or at a future date. If remediation occurs at a future date, the instructor candidate shall be evaluated, at the second attempt, on all techniques initially evaluated.

    277(b) If the instructor candidate fails the second attempt, he or she shall not be certified as a PAR Instructor. However, this candidate is eligible to attend the PAR Train-the-Trainer course again, provided all other criteria for becoming a PAR Instructor remain current.

    320(4) Demonstrations of the physical intervention techniques and presentation skills shall be videotaped. The videotapes shall be submitted to the Director of Staff  Development and Training within thirty (30) working days after completion of the evaluations.

    356Rulemaking Authority 358985.64, 359985.645 FS. 361Law Implemented 363985.645(2)(c) FS. 365History–New 11-19-06, Amended 8-4-09, 7-5-11.


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