63H-2.001. Purpose and Scope  

Effective on Tuesday, April 5, 2011
  • 1(1) This rule establishes a statewide framework for the department to implement procedures governing the certification, pre-service, and in-service training of direct care staff. The provisions of this rule are applicable to all direct care staff, as defined in this rule, within all state and contracted department programs, facilities, probation units, and county or municipally operated detention centers.

    59(2) The need exists to establish training requirements in order to: (1) ensure that all direct care staff are performing at a minimum standardized level of competency; (2) maintain a safe and secure environment for staff and youth; (3) enhance treatment program effectiveness; and (4) provide greater protection to the public through an improved level of services to youth.

    118Rulemaking Authority 12020.316(1), 121985.601(8) FS. 123Law Implemented 125985.02(3)(c), 126985.601(8) FS. 128History–New 6-11-07, Amended 4-5-11.


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