63H-2.008. Instructor Qualifications  

Effective on Tuesday, April 5, 2011
  • 1(1) Only certified PAR instructors (see Chapter 863H-1.014, 9F.A.C., for PAR instructor requirements) shall conduct PAR training.

    18(2) Only certified CPR/First aid/AED instructors shall conduct CPR/First aid/AED training.

    29(3) All instructors must have successfully completed the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission Instructor Techniques course, however, the following exceptions apply:

    51(a) FTOs and administrative staff who provide administrative, orientation, and/or Phase One training, with the exception of PAR, are not required to be ITW certified.

    76(b) Any instructor who is not ITW certified, must submit for approval a completed Instructor Exemption form to the Director of Staff Development and Training through their respective facility/program administrator. The Instructor Exemption form (ADSD-20, effective 12/15/2006) is incorporated by reference, and is available through Staff Development and Training, 2737 Centerview Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32399.

    131Rulemaking Authority 13320.316(1), 134985.601(8) FS. 136Law Implemented 138985.02(3)(c), 139985.601(8) FS. 141History–New 6-11-07, Amended 4-5-11.


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