64B-3.008. Board Expert or Technical Advice

Effective on Sunday, January 10, 2010
  • 1The department shall contact the appropriate board for expert 10or technical advice as follows:

    15(1) The board or its designated probable cause panel shall be asked to review expert or technical credentials and shall approve all new expert witnesses with whom the department intends to enter into an agreement to provide services to support its investigations and prosecutions.

    59(2) 60As needed by the department, the board shall be asked to recommend an expert or experts for the department to consider for inspections, enforcement investigations, deposition or hearing testimony, or in other areas where the department determines a need for substantive expert or technical advice.

    105Rulemaking Authority 107456.004 FS. 109Law Implemented 111456.004(6), 112456.073 FS. 114History115–New 1-10-10117.

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