64B1-1.003. Other Business Involving the Board  

Effective on Sunday, November 3, 2019
  • 1For the purposes of Board member compensation under subsection (4) of Section 13456.011, F.S., 15“other business involving the Board” is defined to include:

    24(1) Board meetings;

    27(2) Meetings of committees of the Board;

    34(3) Meetings of a Board member with Department staff or contractors of the Department at the Department or Board’s request. Any participation or meeting of members noticed or unnoticed will be on file in the Board office;

    71(4) Probable cause panel meetings;

    76(5) All participation in board-authorized meetings with professional associations of which the board is a member or invitee. This would include, but not be limited to, all meetings of national associations of which the board is a member as well as board-authorized participation in meetings of national or professional associations or organizations involved in educating, regulating, or reviewing the profession over which the board has statutory authority; and,

    144(6) Conference calls for which licensing or disciplinary action is agendaed and which exceed four hours in duration; or which are called on an emergency basis.

    170Rulemaking 171Authority 172456.011(4), 173457.104 FS. 175Law Implemented 177456.011(4) FS. 179History–New 4-5-84, Formerly 21AA-1.03, 21AA-1.003, Amended 7-4-94, Formerly 61F1-1.003, Amended 2-19-96, Formerly 59M-1.003, Amended 11-13-97, 9-3-00, 11-3-19.