64B1-3.001. Definitions  

Effective on Wednesday, September 6, 2006
  • 1(1) Acupuncture means a form of primary health care based on traditional Chinese medical concepts, that employs acupuncture diagnosis and treatment, as well as adjunctive therapies and diagnostic techniques, for the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health and the prevention of disease. Acupuncture shall include but not be limited to the insertion of acupuncture needles and the application of moxibustion to specific areas of the human body.

    68(2) Acupuncture shall include, but not be limited to:

    77(a) Auricular, hand, nose, face, foot and/or scalp acupuncture therapy;

    87(b) Stimulation to acupuncture points and channels by use of any of the following:

    1011. Needles, moxibustion, cupping, thermal methods, magnets, gwa-sha scraping techniques, acupatches, and acuform;

    1142. Manual stimulation including acutotement (which is defined as stimulation by an instrument that does not pierce the skin), massage, acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu, and tui-na;

    1393. Electrical stimulation including electro-acupuncture, percutaneous and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation;

    1504. Laser biostimulation in accordance with relevant federal law including Food and Drug Administration rules and regulations, providing written notice of such intended use together with proof of compliance with federal requirements are received by the Board of Acupuncture not less than 14 days prior to first time use.

    199(3) Acupuncture diagnostic techniques shall include but not be limited to the use of observation, listening, smelling, inquiring, palpation, pulses, tongue, physiognomy, five element correspondence, ryodoraku, akabani, German electro acupuncture, Kirlian photography, and thermography.

    233(4) The needles used in acupuncture shall be solid filiform instruments which shall include but not be limited to: dermal needles, plum blossom needles, press needles, prismatic needles and disposable lancets. The use of staples in the practice of acupuncture shall be prohibited.

    276(5) Adjunctive therapies shall include but not be limited to:

    286(a) Nutritional counseling and the recommendation of nonprescription substances which meet the Food and Drug Administration labeling requirements, as dietary supplements to promote health;

    310(b) Recommendation of breathing techniques and therapeutic exercises;

    318(c) Lifestyle and stress counseling;

    323(d) The recommendation of all homeopathic preparations approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Committee; and

    345(e) Herbology.

    347Specific Authority 349457.102, 350457.104 FS. 352Law Implemented 354457.102 FS. 356History–New 8-13-84, Amended 9-19-84, Formerly 21AA-3.01, Amended 12-14-87, 9-3-89, 5-30-91, 1-26-92, 2-27-92, Formerly 21AA-3.001, 61F1-3.001, 59M-3.001, Amended 9-6-06.


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