64B1-6.006. Requirements for the Provider  

Effective on Sunday, November 3, 2019
  • 1Each provider shall:

    4(1) Register with CE Broker through CEbroker.com, and pay the appropriate provider registration fee direct to CE Broker. The provider registration fee is non-refundable and shall be paid within each biennium upon the earliest of the following events that occurs during the biennium:

    47(a) When the provider submits a new program or programs for Board approval, or

    61(b) When the provider provides a continuing education program to Chapter 457, F.S., licensees for licensure renewal credit.

    79(2) Insure that the continuing education program(s) presented by the provider complies with these rules.

    94(3) Maintain a complete, alphabetized, legible roster of participants for a period of 3 years following each program presentation.

    113(4) Maintain a “sign-in” sheet and a “sign-out” sheet with the signatures of participants.

    127(5) Provide each participant with a certificate certifying that the participant has successfully completed the program. The certificate shall not be issued until completion of the program and shall contain the provider’s name, title of program, date of program, location, and number of credit hours.

    172(6) Notify the Board of any significant changes relative to the maintenance of standards as set forth in these rules.

    192(7) Ensure that no person receives credit for the same program more than once.

    206(8) Notify the Board of any change in the presenters or instructors of any approved program, and demonstrate the new instructor meets the criteria set forth in subsection 23464B1-6.005(2), 235F.A.C.

    236(9) Designate a contact person who assumes responsibility for each program, and who is knowledgeable about each program. The contact person shall notify the Board of any significant changes in programs or a lapse in the maintenance of standards.

    275(10) In a correspondence continuing education program, each provider is responsible for obtaining from each certificateholder a signed statement which states that the participant did in fact read the material, performed the exercises and took the examination personally.

    313(11) There shall be adequate personnel to assist with administrative matters and personnel with competencies outside content areas in cases when the method of delivery requires technical or other special expertise.

    344(12) Providers shall maintain records of individual offerings for inspection; records shall include subject matter, objectives, faculty qualifications, evaluation mechanisms, credit hours and rosters of participants.

    370Rulemaking 371Authority 372456.013, 373457.104, 374457.107(3) FS. 376Law Implemented 378456.013, 379457.107(3) FS. 381History–New 2-24-88, Amended 7-25-88, Formerly 21AA-6.006, 61F1-6.006, Amended 3-18-97, Formerly 59M-6.006, Amended 2-18-98, 7-26-04, 11-3-19.