64B10-11.003. Reexamination  

Effective on Wednesday, July 1, 2020
  • 1(1) An applicant must obtain passing scores on both examinations required for licensure as specified in subsection 1864B10-11.002(1), 19F.A.C., within one (1) year of the date of application. Any applicant desiring to retake one (1) or both of the required examinations must reapply to the Board and pay the fee required by subsection 64B10-12.0001(2), F.A.C.

    56(2) Application for reexamination shall be made on the Application for Nursing Home Administrators Re-Examination, Form DH-MQA 1129, 01/20, hereby adopted and incorporated by reference, and which can be obtained from 87http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.a88s89p?No91=92Ref-12028, 93or the Board’s website at http://floridasnursinghomeadmin.gov/applications/app-reexam-nha.pdf.

    99(3) If the applicant fails to achieve passing scores on both examinations within the stated one (1)-year period, the applicant must reapply for licensure as specified in Rule 12764B10-11.001, 128F.A.C., pay all required fees, and meet all then-current licensing requirements.

    139Rulemaking Authority 141456.017(2), 142468.1685(1) FS. 144Law Implemented 146456.017(2), 147456.0635 FS. 149History–New 12-26-79, Amended 3-1-82, 6-14-82, Formerly 21Z-11.03, Amended 3-5-89, 8-19-92, Formerly 21Z-11.003, 61G12-11.003, Amended 6-2-96, Formerly 59T-11.003, Amended 5-15-00, 11-6-02, 2-15-06, 4-22-09, 10-11-10, 2-6-13, 9-10-14, 7-8-15, 3-20-17, 7-1-20.