64B10-15.002. Criteria for Approved Continuing Education  

Effective on Sunday, January 31, 2016
  • 1(1) To be eligible for credit toward the licensee’s continuing education requirement, a course shall be designed to enhance the learning and promote the continued development of knowledge and skills of the individual licensee’s professional practice.

    37(2) Continuing education will be approved for credit only if it is in one of the Domains of Practice as defined in Rule 6064B10-16.005, 61F.A.C.

    62(3) The Board shall not accept credit for continuing education programs of less than 1 contact hour.

    79(4) Any subject matter dealing with internal affairs of an organization will not qualify for continuing education credit.

    97(5) Providers and licensees who self-submit continuing education hours earned, shall identify the course type as described in subsection 11664B10-15.001(2), 117F.A.C.

    118(6) Continuing education courses approved by the National Association of Boards of Examiners of Long Term Care Administrators are accepted as long as the course is demonstrated to meet the requirements of subsection (1), above, and Rule 15564B10-16.005, 156F.A.C.

    157Rulemaking Authority 159468.1685(1) FS. 161Law Implemented 163456.013, 164468.1685(2), 165468.1715 FS. 167History–New 12-11-80, Amended 2-20-83, Formerly 21Z-15.02, Amended 6-22-87, 2-26-89, 12-6-89, 11-11-92, Formerly 21Z-15.002, 61G12-15.002, 59T-15.002, Amended 10-12-97, 12-2-02, 8-11-03, 8-9-04, 2-23-06, 10-24-07, 5-8-08, 1-7-10, 8-19-13, 1-31-16.


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