64B12-16.004. Termination of Apprenticeship  

Effective on Thursday, February 28, 2019
  • 1(1) If an apprentice terminates apprenticeship with a sponsor or the sponsor is no longer providing training to an apprentice, the apprentice shall submit to the Department within 30 days from the date of the termination a completed Apprenticeship Sponsor Attestation Form, as set forth in subsection 4864B12-16.003(2), 49F.A.C.

    50(2) Failure to comply with the requirements of this rule shall subject the apprentice to discipline or denial of licensure.

    70Rulemaking Authority 72484.005, 73484.007(1) FS. 75Law Implemented 77484.007(1)(d)4. FS. 79History–New 10-12-80, Formerly 21P-16.04, Amended 3-5-87, 3-30-89, Formerly 21P-16.004, 61G13-16.004, Amended 7-10-97, Formerly 59U-16.004, Amended 6-25-02, 2-28-19.