64B12-16.008. Enforcement  

Effective on Sunday, January 12, 2003
  • 1(1) Apprentices and sponsors shall comply with the provisions of this chapter, the rules of the Department and the Board, and Chapters 456 and 484, F.S.

    27(2) Failure to adhere to these standards is a violation of Chapters 39456.072 40and 41484.014, F.S., 43and shall subject either the apprentice or the sponsor, or both, to disciplinary action.

    57(3) The sponsor and the apprentice shall supply to the Board all information requested as set forth in Rule 7664B12-16.009, 77F.A.C., which reasonably relates to the apprenticeship program and the Board’s duty to properly monitor the program for compliance with program standards. The completed Apprenticeship Sponsor Attestation form must be provided within six months of the apprentice’s completion of the program or credits will not be counted.

    124(4) If an Apprenticeship Sponsor Attestation Form is not in compliance with this chapter, the rules of the Department and the Board and Chapters 456 and 484, F.S., the Board shall deny credit for hours of apprenticeship claimed and/or the Board, the Apprentice Review Committee or Board staff shall initiate a complaint against the licensee who appears to be in violation.

    185Specific Authority 187484.005, 188484.007(1) FS. 190Law Implemented 192484.007(1)(d)4. FS. 194History–New 10-12-80, Formerly 21P-16.08, Amended 3-5-87, 5-13-90, 9-30-92, Formerly 21P-16.008, Amended 5-2-94, Formerly 61G13-16.008, Amended 2-21-96, 4-10-97, Formerly 59U-16.008, Amended 1-12-03.


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