64B12-8.008. Probable Cause Panel  

Effective on Thursday, August 1, 2019
  • 1(1) The determination as to whether probable cause exists to believe that a violation of the provisions of chapter 456 or 484, F.S., or of the rules promulgated thereunder has occurred, shall be made by majority vote of the probable cause panel.

    43(2) The probable cause panel must have a minimum of 2 members, 55and must consist of the following:

    61(a) A current Board member.

    66(b) A former or present consumer member of the board, if available and willing to serve and authorized to do so by the board chair.

    91(c) A current professional Board member or a former Board member who holds an active valid license to practice opticianry.

    111Rulemaking Authority 113456.073(4), 114484.005 FS. 116Law Implemented 118456.073(4) FS. 120History–New 12-6-79, Formerly 21P-8.08, Amended 1-26-88, 9-21-92, Formerly 21P-8.008, 61G13-8.008, 59U-8.008, Amended 8-6-97, 7-8-07, 8-1-19.