64B12-8.009. Unexcused Absences  

Effective on Thursday, August 1, 2019
  • 1Unexcused absences of a Board member mean absences not due to the following situations:

    15(1) Medical problems of a Board member or a Board member’s family including but not limited to illness, surgery, emergency care and/or hospitalization.

    38(2) Death of a family member and/or attendance at the family member’s funeral.

    51(3) Conflicting business previously authorized by the Board.

    59(4) Conflicts deemed unavoidable by the Board.

    66Rulemaking Authority 68456.011, 69484.005 FS. 71Law Implemented 73456.011 FS. 75History–New 12-6-79, Amended 9-7-82, Formerly 21P-8.09, Amended 1-27-93, Formerly 21P-8.009, 61G13-8.009, 59U-8.009, Amended 8-6-97, 8-1-19.


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