64B12-8.016. Other Board Business for Which Compensation Is Allowed  

Effective on Thursday, August 1, 2019
  • 1The following activities are considered to be other business involving the Board for which compensation shall be paid pursuant to section 22456.011(4), F.S.24:

    25(1) All joint Board or Committee meetings required by statutes, Board rule or Board action.

    40(2) Meetings of Board members with Agency staff or contractors of the Agency at the Agency’s or the Board’s request. Any participation or meeting of members noticed or unnoticed will be on file in the Board office.

    77(3) Participation in a meeting which has been requested by the State Surgeon General of the Department of Health.

    96(4) Probable Cause Panel Meeting.

    101(5) All activity of Board members, if authorized by the Board, when grading, proctoring or reviewing examinations given by the Department of Health.

    124(6) All participation in Board authorized meetings with professional associates of which the Board is a member of invitee. This would include all meetings of national associations of registration Boards of which the Board is a member as well as Board authorized participation in meetings of national or professional associations or organizations involved in educating, regulating or reviewing the profession of opticianry.

    186(7) Any and all other activities which are Board approved, except telephone conference calls, and which are necessary for Board members to attend in order to further protect the public health, safety and welfare.

    220(8) Monitoring a continuing professional education course offered by an approved provider at the request of the Chairman of the Board.

    241Rulemaking Authority 243456.011(4), 244484.005 FS. 246Law Implemented 248456.011(4) FS. 250History–New 12-10-81, Amended 8-30-84, 1-7-86, Formerly 21P-8.16, Amended 5-2-89, Formerly 21P-8.016, 61G13-8.016, 59U-8.016, Amended 8-1-19.


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