64B12-8.022. Mediation  

Effective on Sunday, August 28, 2005
  • 1The Board finds that mediation is an acceptable resolution of the following violations where the subject has an explanation and a differing view from the complainant as to the nature or extent of the violation because they are economic in nature or can be remedied by the licensee:

    49(1) Failure to respond timely to a continuing education audit pursuant to subsection 6264B12-15.001(5), 63F.A.C.

    64(2) Failure to include a proper 72 hour cancellation notice for an advertisement when such notice is required by Section 84456.062, F.S.

    86(3) Client or patient dissatisfaction based on economic or other misunderstandings not amounting to exploitation of the client for financial gain or gross malpractice under Section 112484.014(1)(o), F.S.

    114(4) Failing to file the proper report upon termination of apprenticeship, as required by Rule 12964B12-16.004, 130F.A.C.

    131(5) Failing to file the proper report upon termination of sponsor, as required by Rule 14664B12-16.004, 147F.A.C.

    148Specific Authority 150456.078 FS. 152Law Implemented 154456.078 FS. 156History–New 10-24-94, Formerly 59U-8.022, Amended 8-16-04, 8-28-05.


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