64B13-3.006. Licenses and Signs in Office  

Effective on Thursday, August 25, 2016
  • 1A licensed practitioner who is not a certified optometrist shall display at every location at which he or she practices optometry a sign in at least Times New Roman 40 point font size or Courier New 44 point font size which states:

    43“I am a Licensed Practitioner, not a Certified Optometrist, and I am not able to prescribe ocular pharmaceutical agents.”

    62Rulemaking Authority 64463.005(1) FS. 66Law Implemented 68463.002(3), 69463.011, 70463.055 FS. History–New 11-13-79, Amended 3-13-81, 6-29-82, Formerly 21Q-3.06, Amended 12-16-86, 2-13-90, Formerly 21Q-3.006, 61F8-3.006, 59V-3.006, Amended 11-13-06, 4-17-13, 8-25-16.


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