64B15-12.008. Delinquent License  

Effective on Wednesday, July 25, 2012
  • 1(1) The failure of any license holder to elect active or inactive status before the license expires shall cause the license to become delinquent.

    25(2) The delinquent status licensee must affirmatively apply for active or inactive status during the licensure cycle in which the license becomes delinquent. The failure by the delinquent status licensee to cause the license to become active or inactive before the expiration of the licensure cycle in which the license became delinquent shall render the license null and void without further action by the Board or the Department.

    93(3) The delinquent status licensee who applies for active or inactive license status shall:

    107(a) File with the Board the complete application for either active or inactive status;

    121(b) Pay to the Board either the active status or inactive status renewal fee, the delinquency fee, and if applicable the change of status fee; and

    147(c) If active status is elected, demonstrate compliance with the continuing education requirements found in Rule 16364B15-13.001, 164F.A.C.

    165Rulemaking Authority 167456.036 FS. 169Law Implemented 171456.036 FS. 173History–New 11-28-94, Formerly 59W-12.008, Amended 2-26-02, 7-25-12.


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