64B15-14. Practice Requirements  

64B15-14.001. Advertisings
64B15-14.003. HIV/AIDS: Knowledge of Antibody Status; Action to be Taken (Repealed)
64B15-14.004. Standards for the Prescription of Obesity Drugs
64B15-14.005. Standards for the Prescribing of Controlled Substances for Treatment of Acute Pain
64B15-14.006. Standards of Practice for Surgery/Procedure
64B15-14.007. Standard of Care for Office Surgery
64B15-14.008. Standards for Telemedicine Prescribing Practice (Repealed)
64B15-14.009. Standards for Office Based Opioid Addiction Treatment
64B15-14.010. Physician Practice Standard Regarding Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders
64B15-14.011. Qualifications of Physicians Who Evaluate and Treat Sex Offenders (Repealed)
64B15-14.012. Optional Informed Consent for Cataract Surgery
64B15-14.013. Mandatory Standardized Informed Consent for Medical Marijuana; Required Documentation for Comparable Medical Conditions; Required Documentation for Smokable Medical Marijuana
64B15-14.0015. Notice to the Department of Mailing Address and Place of Practice of Licensee
64B15-14.0051. Training Requirements for Physicians Practicing in Pain Management Clinics
64B15-14.0052. Requirement for Pain Management Clinic Registration; Inspection or Accreditation
64B15-14.0075. Osteopathic Physician Office Incident Reporting
64B15-14.0076. Requirement for Osteopathic Physician Office Registration; Inspection or Accreditation
64B15-14.0077. Approval of Osteopathic Physician Office Accrediting Organizations
64B15-14.0081. Standards for Telemedicine Practice (Repealed)