64B15-6.003. Physician Assistant Licensure  

Effective on Wednesday, September 23, 2020
  • 1(1) Requirements for Licensure.

    5(a) All applicants for licensure as physician assistants shall apply on Form DH-MQA 2000, entitled “Physician Assistant Application for Licensure,” (revised 6/20), hereby adopted and incorporated by reference, and can be obtained from the 40website at 42http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-12153, 44or 45http://flboardofmedicine.gov/licensing/physician-assistant-licensure/46.

    47(b) In addition, upon employment, a licensed physician assistant must notify the Board of Medicine, in writing, utilizing Form DH-MQA 2004, entitled “Supervision Data Form,” (revised 8/10), hereby adopted and incorporated by reference, which can be obtained from the Board of Medicine’s website at http://flboardofmedicine.gov/licensing/physician-assistant-licensure/, within 30 days of such 98employment. Any subsequent changes to the physician assistant’s employment must also be made, in writing, within 30 days of such change, utilizing this same form.

    123(c) Applicants who have been granted a temporary license pursuant to Section 135458.347(7)(e) 136or 137459.022(7)(e), F.S., 139are eligible to seek an extension of the temporary license by submitting Form DH-MQA 1076, entitled “Extension of Temporary Licensure Application” (Rev. 4/16), hereby adopted and incorporated by reference, and can be obtained from the website at 176http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-07169, 178or 179http://flboardofmedicine.gov/licensing/physician-assistant-licensure/.

    180(2) Applicants for licensure who have not passed the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam within five (5) attempts and have not practiced as a fully licensed physician assistant shall be required to successfully complete a minimum of three (3) months in a full-time review course at an accredited physician assistant program approved by the Chair of the Council on Physician Assistants. Said completion shall be documented by a letter signed by the head of the program stating that the applicant has satisfactorily completed the course.

    272(3) Restrictions. For purposes of carrying out the provisions of Sections 283458.347(7) 284and 285459.022(7)(e), F.S., 287every physician assistant is prohibited from being supervised by any physician whose license to practice osteopathic medicine is on probation.

    307(4) 308Registration as a dispensing physician assistant shall be made on the form set forth in subsection 64B15325-12.0031(4), F.A.C.

    327Rulemaking Authority 329458.347(7), 330459.005, 331459.022 FS. 333Law Implemented 335456.013, 336456.0135, 337456.031, 338456.033, 339456.0635, 340459.022 FS. 342History–New 10-18-77, Formerly 21R-6.03, Amended 10-28-87, 4-21-88, 4-18-89, 9-26-90, 5-20-91, 10-28-91, 3-16-92, Formerly 21R-6.003, Amended 11-4-93, 3-29-94, Formerly 61F9-6.003, Amended 2-1-95, Formerly 59W-6.003, Amended 6-7-98, 3-10-02, 2-23-04, 10-30-06, 2-25-07, 5-20-09, 2-2-10, 12-6-10, 1-27-13, 2-22-15, 7-27-16, 9-26-16, 12-4-16, 9-23-20.


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