64B15-7.003. Application for Licensure and Licensure Requirements for Anesthesiologist Assistants  

Effective on Tuesday, May 23, 2017
  • 1(1) Application for Licensure.

    5(a) All persons applying for licensure as an anesthesiologist assistant shall submit an application to the Department. The application shall be made on Form DH-MQA 1087, entitled “Application for Licensure As An Anesthesiologist Assistant,” (revised 2/17), hereby adopted and incorporated by reference, and can be obtained from 53http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-08169, 55or


    59(b) The application may not be used for more than one year from the date of original submission of the application and fee. Fees are found in Rule 8764B15-7.012, 88F.A.C. After one year from the date that the original application and fee have been received in the Board office, a new application and fee shall be required from any applicant who desires licensure as an anesthesiologist assistant.

    126(2) Requirements for Licensure.

    130(a) All applicants for licensure as an anesthesiologist assistant must submit an application as set forth in subsection (1), above. Applicants must provide a sworn statement of any prior felony convictions and a sworn statement of any prior discipline or denial of licensure or certification in any state. The applicant must meet all of the requirements of Section 188459.023, F.S., 190and the applicant must submit two personalized and individualized letters of recommendation from anesthesiologists. Letters of recommendation must be composed and signed by the applicant’s supervising anesthesiologist, or, for recent graduates, the faculty anesthesiologist, and give details of the applicant’s clinical skills and ability. Each letter must be addressed to the Board and must have been written no more than six months prior to the filing of the application for licensure.

    261(b) The applicant must have obtained a passing score on the examination administered through the NCCAA. The passing score shall be established by the NCCAA.

    286(c) The applicant must be certified in advanced cardiac life support.

    297(d) Demonstrate compliance with the financial responsibility pursuant to Section 307456.048, F.S., 309and as outlined in Rule 31464B15-7.006, 315F.A.C., below.

    317(3) Restrictions. For purposes of carrying out the provisions of Sections 328458.3475 329and 330459.023, F.S., 332every anesthesiologist assistant is prohibited from being supervised by any physician whose license to practice medicine is on probation.

    351Rulemaking Authority 353456.048, 354459.005, 355459.023 FS. 357Law Implemented 359456.013(7), 360456.048, 361456.0135, 362456.0635, 363459.023 FS. 365History–New 8-2-05, Amended 5-20-09, 2-2-10, 3-10-14, 10-19-16, 12-18-16, 5-23-17.