64B15-7.012. Fees Regarding Anesthesiologist Assistants  

Effective on Tuesday, May 28, 2019
  • 1The following fees are prescribed by the Board:

    9(1) The application fee for a person applying to be licensed as an anesthesiologist assistant shall be $300.

    27(2) The initial licensure fee for an anesthesiologist assistant shall be $500.

    39(3) The biennial renewal fee for an active or inactive anesthesiologist assistant licensed pursuant to section 55458.3475 56or 57459.023, F.S., 59shall be $500. Licenses not renewed at the end of a biennial period shall automatically become delinquent.

    76(4) The reactivation fee for an inactive or retired status anesthesiologist assistant licensure pursuant to section 92458.3475 93or 94459.023, F.S., 96shall be $100. Reactivation shall require payment of the 105$500 renewal fee and the $100 111reactivation fee.

    113(5) The retired status fee shall be $50.00.

    121(6) The duplicate license fee shall be $25.00.

    129(7) Any licensed anesthesiologist assistant who fails to renew his/her licensure by the end of the biennium shall pay a delinquent fee of $100 upon application for either active or inactive status.

    161(8) The unlicensed activity fee for initial licensure and licensure renewal shall be $5.00.

    175(9) The following fee reductions shall remain in effect until February 1, 2021:

    188(a) The application fee shall be $150;

    195(b) The initial licensure fee shall be $100; and,

    204(c) The biennial renewal fee for an active or inactive license, including those who are reactivating licensure, shall be $200.

    224Rulemaking Authority 226456.013(2), 227456.025(10), 228456.036(4), 229(7), (8), 231459.005, 232459.023 FS. 234Law Implemented 236456.013(2), 237456.025(10), 238456.036(4), 239(5), (7), (8), 242456.065(3), 243459.023 FS. 245History–New 8-2-05, Amended 6-7-07, 11-27-07, 5-23-17, 5-28-19.