64B16-26.1001. Examination and Application Fees  

Effective on Monday, March 14, 2016
  • 1(1) The examination fee for licensure by examination shall be $100, payable to the Board. Examination fees for the National Practice Examination and jurisprudence examination are payable to the examination vendor.

    32(2) The non-refundable application fee licensure by endorsement shall be $100, payable to the Board.

    47(3) The application fee for a continuing education provider seeking approved provider status shall be $150, payable to the Board.

    67(4) The application fee for the Immunization Administration Certification shall be $55 for pharmacists and no fee for pharmacy interns, payable to the Board.

    91(5) The non-refundable application fee for registered pharmacy technicians shall be $50, payable to the Board.

    107Rulemaking Authority 109456.025, 110465.005, 111465.077(1)(a), 112465.0075(1), 113465.009, 114465.014(2) FS. 116Law Implemented 118456.025(7), 119465.007, 120465.0075, 121465.009, 122465.014, 123465.189 FS. 125History–New 1-11-05, Amended 10-30-07, 11-15-09, 7-7-10, 3-14-16.


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