64B16-26.2033. Approved Pharmacy Internship Programs  

Effective on Wednesday, March 15, 2017
  • 1(1) For the purpose of qualifying for licensure by examination pursuant to Section 14465.007(1)(c), F.S., 16or for licensure by endorsement pursuant to Section 24465.0075(1)(c)2., F.S., 26the following are determined to be “internship programs approved by the Board:”

    38(a) Internship programs offered by schools or colleges of pharmacy which are accredited by the Accreditation Council on Pharmacological Education (ACPE);

    59(b) Internships that are required to obtain the doctor of pharmacy degree from institutions which are accredited as provided by Section 80465.007(1)(b)1., F.S. 82Documentation of graduation from such institutions after January 1, 2001, with the doctor of pharmacy degree shall constitute satisfactory proof the applicant has satisfied the requirements of this paragraph, or

    112(c) Internship programs which meet all requirements of subsection (2), below.

    123(2) The Board will approve internship programs other than those accredited programs enumerated in paragraphs (1)(a)-(b), above, upon presentation of proof satisfactory to the Board of the following.

    151(a) The internship experience shall be obtained in a community pharmacy, institutional pharmacy or any Florida Board of Pharmacy approved pharmacy practice, which includes significant aspects of the practice of pharmacy as defined in Section 186465.003(13), F.S., 188provided such pharmacy:

    1911. Holds a current license or permit issued by the state in which they are operating and shall have available all necessary equipment for professional services, necessary reference works, in addition to the official standards and current professional journals,

    2302. Is operated at all times under the supervision of a pharmacist and shall be willing to train persons desiring to obtain professional experience,

    2543. Demonstrates that the pharmacy fills, compounds and dispenses a sufficient number, kind and variety of prescriptions during the course of a year so as to afford to an intern a broad experience in the filling, compounding and dispensing of prescription drugs,

    2964. Has a clear record as to observance of federal, state and municipal laws and ordinances covering any phase of activity in which it is engaged,

    3225. Ensures that any intern who is a foreign pharmacy graduate is supervised at a ratio of one (1) pharmacist to one (1) intern; and,

    3476. Ensures that, for foreign pharmacy graduate interns, the program will afford the intern the experience and objectives required by the Foreign Graduate Registered Intern Work Activity Manual, form DH-MQA 1153, incorporated by reference in Rule 38364B16-26.2031, 384F.A.C.

    385(b) Pharmacists serving as preceptors of pharmacy interns shall:

    3941. Willingly accept the responsibility for professional guidance and training of the intern and be able to devote time to preceptor training sessions and to instruction of the intern,

    4232. Hold current licensure in the state in which pharmacy is practiced,

    4353. Be ineligible to serve as a preceptor during any period in which the pharmacist’s license to practice pharmacy is revoked, suspended, on probation, or subject to payment of an unpaid fine levied by lawful Board order, or during any period in which the pharmacist’s license is the subject of ongoing disciplinary proceedings,

    4884. Agree to assist the school or college of pharmacy in the achievement of the educational objectives set forth and to provide a professional environment for the training of the intern; and,

    5205. Provide documentation or evidence of the pharmacist’s continued professional education and of an active involvement in a patient-oriented practice;

    5406. Supervise no more than one (1) intern at any time, if such intern is a foreign pharmacy graduate.

    559(c) In the event an internship program meets all the requirements set forth in subsections (a) and (b), any applicant submitting it for the purpose of qualifying for licensure must show in addition to successful completion of the internship:

    5981. Approval of the program by a state board of pharmacy; and,

    6102.a. Sufficient hours to total two thousand eighty (2080) hours, or

    621b. Licensure in another state and work performed as a pharmacist for a sufficient number of hours to total two thousand eighty (2080) hours when combined with the internship hours.

    651(3) 652All internship hours may be obtained prior to the applicant’s graduation. Hours worked in excess of fifty (50) hours per week prior to the applicant’s graduation or in excess of sixty (60) hours per week after an applicant’s graduation will not be credited toward meeting the required internship hours.

    701(4) Proof of current licensure in another state and work as a pharmacist for up to two thousand eighty (2080) hours may substitute for all or part of the internship requirement. 732However, pursuant to Section 736465.007(1)(b)2., F.S., 738all foreign pharmacy graduates must complete five hundred (500) hours of supervised work activity within the state of Florida. The supervised work activity program experience shall be documented on form DH-MQA 1153, “Foreign Graduate Registered Intern Work Activity Manual.” Further, supervised work activity hours may not be credited to any applicant until said applicant has obtained the passing score on the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Exam as provided in Section 808465.007(1)(b)2., F.S., 810and as defined in Rule 81564B16-26.203, 816F.A.C.

    817(5) Governmental and private radiopharmacy internship programs are not approved by the Board.

    830(6) Proof of completion of an internship program shall consist of the program’s certification that the applicant has completed the program. If additional hours are required t857o total two thousand eighty (2080) hours, satisfactory proof of the additional hours shall consist of the program’s certification of completion of the additional hours.

    882Rulemaking Authority 884465.005, 885465.007(1)(c) FS. 887Law Implemented 889456.013(1), 890465.002, 891465.003(12), 892(13), 893465.007(1)(c), 894465.0075(1)(c)2., 895465.013, 896465.015(1)(b), 897(2)(b) FS. History–New 5-27-10, Amended 3-15-17.


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