64B16-26.302. Subject Matter for Consultant Pharmacist Licensure Renewal Continuing Education  

Effective on Tuesday, July 21, 2009
  • 1A 2Consultant Pharmacist 4License Renewal Continuing Education Program must cont11ain 12at least 14three 15(16317) hours of training in 22any of the 25subjects specified below. Duplicate courses are not acceptable.

    33(1) Drug Therapy – Disease State. Patient Drug Therapy – management and monitoring.

    46(a) Drug, Disease State Information – In-depth disclosure of the drug or therapeutic class of drugs or disease state including pharmacology, side effects and interaction.

    71(b) New Therapeutic Modalities: Expansion of current drug therapy or treatment.

    82(c) Patient Assessment: Assessment techniques by consultant pharmacist to determine the need and effectiveness of indicated drug therapy along with identification and assessment of side effects on patient’s well-being.

    111(d) Pertinent Laboratory Tests.

    115(e) Therapeutic Dosing.

    118(2) Administrative Responsibilities.

    121(a) Update on Administrative Responsibilities.

    1261. Legal requirements including statutes, rules and regulation (Federal and State).

    1372. 138The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare 146O147rganizations148.

    1493. Personnel requirements.

    1524. 153Health Insurance Portability and Accountability158.

    159(b) Focus on Consultant Pharmacist Practice Issues/Concerns.

    1661. How to get things accomplished in complex organizations.

    1752. Key contacts to be effective as a consultant pharmacist.

    1853. Considerations and preparation for site inspections.

    192(3) Consultant Pharmacist Facility Responsibilities. This segment details the requirements in one of the facility types for which a consultant pharmacist is required. Only one practice setting may be included in each program.

    225(a) Pharmacist-Medication Responsibilities – Assessment mechanism for delivery system, review procedures and monitoring processes.

    239(b) Pharmacist-Patient Responsibilities – Patient assessment, laboratory test monitoring and therapeutic dosing.

    251(c) Committee Responsibilities – Make-up and responsibilities for various facility committees.

    262(d) Reporting requirements.

    265Rulemaking 266Authority 267465.005, 268465.0125 FS. 270Law Implemented 272465.0125 FS. 274History–New 10-14-91, Formerly 21S-26.302, 61F10-26.279302, 59X-26.302, Amended 5-5-05, 7-21-09.

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