64B16-26.304. Subject Matter for Nuclear Pharmacist License Renewal Continuing Education Programs  

Effective on Tuesday, January 18, 2005
  • 1(1) A licensee completing the continuing education requirement for nuclear pharmacist license renewal pursuant to Rule 1764B16-26.103, 18F.A.C., shall complete twenty-four (24) additional hours per biennium of coursework each two year period by or through a Committee approved provider, instructionally designed to provide in-depth treatment of nuclear pharmacy practice with suggested subject matter set out in subsection (2) of this rule.

    62(2) Content of nuclear pharmacist continuing education program.

    70(a) Application of radiopharmaceutical theory in a practice or a research setting with respect to the drug products and their clinical application. Provision of drug and radiopharmaceutical information as it pertains to optimal handling and use of these products in a clinical setting.

    113(b) Effective communication skills in a multi-disciplinary environment with patients, nuclear medicine physicians, nuclear medicine technologists, radiation safety personnel and other nuclear pharmacists. The multi-faceted regulatory environment requires such skills in the preparation and maintenance of a radioactive by-product materials license, the identification and reporting of adverse reactions and misadministration, instances of poor product performance, environmental and personnel radiation safety.

    173(c) Application of the most rigorous and up-to-date principles of radiation safety and quality assurance in order to assure regulatory compendia, and operational standards for drug and radiopharmaceutical products and equipment. Record-keeping and other documentation activities essential to procurement, storage, compounding, handling and use, distribution and disposal should be emphasized.

    223(d) Management of a nuclear pharmacy unit in accordance with regulatory and administrative agencies’ requirements.

    238(e) Advances in drug, radiopharmaceutical or related technology (including, but not limited to: monoclonal antibodies, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, positron-emission tomography, radioplaque and other contact enhancement agents, radioimmunoassay) with emphasis on paragraphs (a)-(d) above for such new agents.

    277Specific Authority 279465.005, 280465.0126 FS. 282Law Implemented 284465.0126 FS. 286History–New 1-18-05.


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