64B16-26.400. Pharmacy Interns; Registration; Employment  

Effective on Thursday, April 4, 2019
  • 1(1) A pharmacy intern is required to be registered with the Department of Health as an intern before being employed as an intern in a pharmacy in Florida.

    29(2) An applicant for pharmacy intern registration must submit proof of:

    40(a) Enrollment in an intern program at an accredited college or school of pharmacy; or

    55(b) Graduation from an accredited college or school of pharmacy and not yet licensed in the state. For purposes of this rule only, any individual who has been accepted by the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Commission to sit for the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination shall be considered a graduate of an accredited college or school of pharmacy. The internship experience allowed under this provision shall not count toward the 500-hours internship required subsequent to passage of the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination as mandated in section 142465.007(1)(b)2., F.S., 144and as defined in rule 14964B16-26.203, 150F.A.C.

    151(3) Upon the receipt of proof satisfactory to the Board that the intern applicant meets the requirements of either paragraph (a) or (b), of subsection (2), and unless there exists good cause for the Board’s refusal to certify an applicant as set forth in section 196465.013, F.S., 198the Board shall certify the applicant to the Department for registration as an intern.

    212(4) No intern shall perform any acts relating to the filling, compounding, or dispensing of medicinal drugs unless it is done under the direct and immediate personal supervision of a person actively licensed to practice pharmacy in this state.

    251(5) Within thirty (30) days of termination of enrollment in an intern program, or withdrawal of registration or attendance in an accredited school or college of pharmacy, all registered pharmacy interns shall report such change in enrollment, registration or attendance to the Board office. The notification may include a request, including full explanation and supported by accompanying documentation, if any, that the pharmacy intern registration not be cancelled pending the registered pharmacy intern’s re-enrollment, re-registration, or re-attendance in an accredited intern program or accredited school or college of pharmacy.

    340Rulemaking Authority 342465.005 FS. 344Law Implemented 346465.003(12), 347465.013 FS. 349History–Amended 8-20-63, 5-19-72, 8-18-73, Repromulgated 12-18-74, Amended 11-10-80, 4-30-85, Formerly 21S-1.21, Amended 10-20-88, Formerly 21S-1.021, Amended 7-31-91, 1-10-93, Formerly 21S-26.400, 61F10-26.400, 59X-26.400, Amended 3-10-05, 4-4-19.