64B16-26.601. Standards for Approval of Courses and Providers  

Effective on Wednesday, January 29, 2003
  • 1(1) Each proposal for program or course approval submitted by a qualified provider must contain a detailed outline of the content of said program or course on forms which will be provided by the Board of Pharmacy upon request, and must build upon Standards of Practice and a basic course or courses offered in the curricula of accredited colleges or schools of pharmacy. Continuing education may consist of post-baccalaureate degree programs offered by accredited colleges or schools of pharmacy, post-graduate studies, institutes, seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops, correspondence courses, or other such committee-approved educational methods.

    95(2) All offerings must meet the following standards:

    103(a) Education Content Development.

    1071. Continuing education offerings shall involve advance planning that includes a statement of measurable educational goals and behavioral objectives.

    1262. Continuing education offerings shall be designed to reflect the educational needs of the pharmacist and build on the standards for practice and courses in the curricula of accredited colleges or schools of pharmacy.

    1603. Each continuing education offering shall be designed to explore one subject or a group of closely related subjects or standards.

    181(b) Methods of Delivery.

    1851. The method of delivery of a course shall be determined by giving appropriate consideration to such factors as educational content, objectives, and composition of the audience.

    2122. The method of delivery must encourage active participation and involvement on the part of the pharmacist.

    229(c) Program Faculty Qualifications.

    2331. The program faculty for a particular continuing education offering shall be competent in the subject matter and qualified by experience.

    2542. An appropriate number of program faculty for each activity shall be utilized.

    2673. There shall be adequate personnel to assist with administrative matters and personnel with competencies outside content areas in cases where the method of delivery requires technical or other special expertise.

    298(d) Facilities.

    3001. The facilities to be utilized shall be appropriate and adequate to the content, method of delivery, size of the audience and promote the attainment of the objectives of the offering.

    331(e) Evaluation. The provider must make provision for evaluation of the participants’ attainment of the stated learner objectives through in-process activities that provide a measurable demonstration of the learner’s achievement(s).

    3612. The provider must develop and employ an evaluation mechanism for the purpose of allowing the participant to assess his/her achievement of personal objectives.

    3853. The provider shall develop and employ an evaluation mechanism that will assess the effectiveness of the learning experiences, instructional methods, facilities, and resources used for the offering.

    413(f) Contact Hour Criteria. The number of contact hours or Continuing Education Units shall be determined by the provider in advance of the offering subject to approval by the committee and awarded upon the successful completion of the entire planned education experience.

    455(g) Record Keeping.

    4581. Records of individual offerings shall be maintained by the provider for inspection by the Board. The records shall be adequate to serve the needs of the participants and to permit the Board to monitor for adherence to the standards for continuing education offerings as outlined in the rules.

    5072. An individual certificate of attendance specifying title of offering, provider number, date of offering, and number of contact hours earned shall be furnished to each participant by the provider.

    5373. Records shall be maintained by the provider for a minimum of three (3) years.

    552(3) Providers seeking board approval shall meet each of the standards outlined herein:

    565(a) All continuing education offerings conducted by the provider shall meet the standards for continuing education offerings as outlined in these rules.

    587(b) There shall be a visible, continuous, and identifiable authority charged with administration of continuing education programs. The person or persons in whom the administrative function is vested shall be qualified by virtue of background and experience and approval by the committee.

    629(4) All programs approved by the Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education (ACPE) for continuing education for pharmacists may be deemed approved by this Board for general continuing education hours for pharmacists.

    660(5) Entities or individuals who wish to become approved providers of continuing education must submit an initial approval fee of $150 and provide information to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of this rule. A provider seeking to renew approved provider status shall pay a renewal fee of $150.

    708(6) Entities or individuals applying for approval of an individual program shall submit a fee of $50 and provide information to demonstrate compliance with this rule.

    734Specific Authority 736465.005, 737465.009 FS. 739Law Implemented 741456.025(7), 742465.009 FS. 744History–New 10-17-79, Amended 7-29-81, Formerly 21S-13.02, 21S-13.002, Amended 1-10-93, Formerly 21S-26.601, 61F10-26.601, 59X-26.601, Amended 1-29-03.


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