64B16-27.830. Standards of Practice - Drug Therapy Management  

Effective on Tuesday, April 28, 2020
  • 1(1) “Prescriber Care Plan” means an individualized assessment of a patient and orders for specific drugs, laboratory tests, and other pharmaceutical services intended to be dispensed or executed 29by a pharmacist. The Prescriber Care Plan shall be written by a physician or physician assistant licensed pursuant to Chapter 458 or 459, F.S., a podiatric physician licensed under Chapter 461, F.S., or a dentist licensed under Chapter 466, F.S., or similar statutory provision in another jurisdiction, and may be transmitted by any means of communication. The Prescriber Care Plan shall specify the conditions under which a pharmacist shall order laboratory tests, interpret laboratory values ordered for a patient, execute drug therapy orders for a patient, and notify the prescriber.

    119(2) “Drug Therapy Management” means any act or service by a pharmacist in compliance with orders in a Prescriber Care Plan.

    140(3) A pharmacist may provide Drug Therapy Management services for a patient, incidental to the dispensing of medicinal drugs or as a part of consulting concerning therapeutic values of medicinal drugs or as part of managing and monitoring the patient’s drug therapy. A pharmacist who provides Drug Therapy Management services for a patient shall comply with orders in a Prescriber Care Plan, insofar as they specify:

    206(a) Drug therapy to be initially dispensed to the patient by the pharmacist, or

    220(b) Laboratory values or tests to be ordered, monitored and interpreted by the pharmacist, or

    235(c) The conditions under which the duly licensed practitioner authorizes the execution of subsequent orders concerning the drug therapy for the patient, or

    258(d) The conditions under which the pharmacist shall contact or notify the prescriber.

    271(4) A pharmacist who provides Drug Therapy Management services shall do so only under the auspices of a pharmacy permit that provides the following:

    295(a) A transferable patient care record that includes:

    3031. A Prescriber Care Plan that includes a section noted as “orders” from a duly licensed prescriber for each patient for whom a pharmacist provides Drug Therapy Management services,

    3322. Progress notes; and,

    336(b) A pharmaceutical care area that is private, distinct, and partitioned from any area in which activities other than patient care activities occur, and in which the pharmacist and patient may sit down during the provision of Drug Therapy Management services; and,

    378(c) A continuous quality improvement program that includes standards and procedures to identify, evaluate, and constantly improve Drug Therapy Management services provided by a pharmacist.

    403Rulemaking Authority 405465.005, 406465.0155, 407465.022(1) FS. 409Law Implemented 411465.003(13), 412465.0155 FS. 414History–New 4-4-00, Amended 4-28-20.