64B16-28.301. Destruction of Controlled Substances - Institutional Class I Pharmacies (Nursing Homes)  

Effective on Sunday, November 5, 2017
  • 1(1) Controlled substances that have been dispensed and not used by the patient shall not be returned to the pharmacy and shall be securely stored by the nursing home until destroyed.

    32(2) 33For each controlled substance destroyed, documentation 39must be completed showing the name and quantity of the drug, strength and dosage form, patient’s name, prescription number and name of the institution. 63Destruction of the controlled substance shall be witnessed 71by 72at least two (2) of the following individuals:

    80(a) 81Consultant pharmacist;

    83(b) Director of nursing

    87(c) Facility administrator;

    90(d) A licensed physician, mid-level practitioner, nurse, or another pharmacist 100employed by or under contract or written agreement with the facility, 111or

    112(e) A sworn law enforcement officer.

    118Those individuals witnessing the destruction of the controlled substance shall sign the completed documentation.

    132(3) The consultant pharmacist shall be responsible for the creation and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that controlled substances are disposed of in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and rules. Furthermore, the consultant pharmacist shall review all controlled substance destruction documentation monthly to ensure compliance with this rule and federal and state law.

    189(4) The consultant pharmacist shall ensure that non-controlled substances are returned to the provider pharmacy in compliance with Rule 20864B16-28.118, 209F.A.C.

    210Rulemaking Authority 212465.005, 213465.022(12) FS. 215Law Implemented 217465.022(12), 218465.019, 219893.07(1), 220(3), (5) 222FS. History–New 4-21-87, Formerly 21S-19.001, Amended 7-31-91, Formerly 21S-28.301, 61F10-28.301, Amended 1-30-96, Formerly 59X-28.301, Amended 7-21-09, 2-10-14, 11-5-17.


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