64B17-3.002. Licensure Examination and Passing Score; Laws and Rules Examination; Additional Requirements After Third Failure  

Effective on Tuesday, February 14, 2017
  • 1(1) The licensure examination for physical therapists shall be the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) for Physical Therapists developed by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT). The licensure examination for physical therapist assistants shall be the National Physical Therapy Examination for Physical Therapist Assistants developed by the FSBPT. An applicant for licensure by examination who has previously taken the NPTE examination must have obtained a passing score on the NPTE examination within the five (5) years immediately prior to the filing of the application for licensure.

    90(2) Florida Laws and Rules Examination.

    96(a) All applicants for licensure including those seeking licensure without examination (by endorsement) are required to take and pass the Florida Laws and Rules Examination developed by the FSBPT. Passing scores on the Laws and Rules Examination are set by the FSBPT and are not valid for more than five years after the Applicant took the examination.

    153(b) The Florida Laws and Rules Examination has 40 scored questions and the content and approximate weights are:

    1711. Legislative Intent and Definitions 25%,

    1772. Board Powers and Duties 5%,

    1833. Licensure and Examination 7.5%,

    1884. Patient Care 35%,

    1925. Disciplinary Action and Unlawful Practice 15%; and,

    2006. Consumer Advocacy 12.5%.

    204(3) Passing Scores.

    207(a) Passing scores on the NPTE and Florida Laws and Rules Examination are determined by the FSBPT. In determining whether an applicant has received a passing score, the Board will use the information contained in the applicant’s FSBPT Score Report.

    247(b) In cases where an applicant’s Score Report does not state “pass” or “fail,” the Board will deem an applicant to have passed the examination if the applicant’s raw scaled score is not less than one point five (1.5) standard deviations below the national average for that examination offering.

    297(4) Examination retakes.

    300(a) In order to retake either the NPTE or the Florida Laws and Rules Examination, an applicant must reapply, using DOH Form #DH-MQA 1143, Re-Exam Application, Revised 11/15, incorporated by reference, which is available through 335http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-33707861 338or www.floridasphysicaltherapy.gov/resources.

    340(b) If an applicant wishes to take the NPTE examination for the fourth time, the applicant must submit to the Board for approval satisfactory evidence of having successfully completed the following since the last taking of the examination: successful completion of a course of study or internship designed to prepare the applicant for the physical therapy examination. An applicant who has completed these additional requirements may take the examination on two more occasions.

    413Rulemaking Authority 415456.017, 416486.025, 417486.104 FS. 419Law Implemented 421456.017, 422456.0635, 423486.031, 424486.051, 425486.102, 426486.104 FS. 428History–New 8-6-84, Formerly 21M-7.22, Amended 3-16-88, 6-20-89, Formerly 21M-7.022, Amended 6-6-90, 6-3-92, 3-24-93, Formerly 21MM-3.002, 61F11-3.002, Amended 12-22-94, Formerly 59Y-3.002, 448Amended 2-14-02, 4-23-02, 12-5-04, 4-9-06, 1-7-07, 6-27-07, 5-21-09, 8-10-09, 6-29-10, 2-14-17.


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