64B18-17.005. Continuing Education Requirements After Initial Licensure

Effective on Tuesday, February 25, 2020
  • 1During the first biennium or within 24 months of initial licensure, whichever ends later, practitioners are required to obtain five (5) hours of continuing education in the subject area of risk management by attending one full day of a meeting of the Board of Podiatric Medicine at which disciplinary hearings are conducted. The practitioner is then exempt from any other continuing education requirements for his or her first renewal except for a 1-hour course on human trafficking and the hours mandated for prevention of medical errors and HIV/AIDS.

    89Rulemaking Authority 91456.013(6), 92461.005, 93461.007(3) FS. 95Law Implemented 97456.013(6), 98456.033(1), 99456.0341 FS. History102103New 11-29-06, Amended 9-30-08, 2-12-14, 2-25-20.