Effective on Thursday, December 12, 2019
  • 1(1) A certified podiatric x-ray assistant shall immediately notify his or her supervising podiatric physician(s) of any change in certification status, including:

    23(a) Any final disciplinary action taken by the Department that revokes, suspends, or places on probation the x-ray assistant’s certification;

    43(b) Refusal by the Department to renew the x-ray assistant’s certification; or

    55(c) Expiration of the certification due to failure to renew by the expiration date.

    69(2) The certified podiatric x-ray assistant shall notify the supervising podiatric physician(s) prior to continuing to perform the duties of a certified podiatric x-ray assistant.

    94Rulemaking Authority 96461.005, 97461.0135 FS. 99Law Implemented 101461.0135 FS. 103History104‒New 12-12-19.