64B19-15.003. Reactivation of Inactive Licenses

Effective on Thursday, July 2, 2020
  • 1(1) A licensee may reactivate his or her own inactive license and thereby place the license on active status by:

    21(a) Making written request to Board staff at:

    29Florida Board of Psychology

    334052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin C-05

    39Tallahassee, FL 32399-3255

    42or email to mqa.psychology@flhealth.gov46.

    47(b) Paying the 50application fee, set out in Rule 5664B19-12.006, 57F.A.C.

    58(c) Paying the fee for biennial renewal of an active license, set out in Rule 7364B19-12.005, 74F.A.C.

    75(d) Paying any owed delinquency fees; and,

    82(e) Paying any owed fees for changing status.

    90(2) In addition, the licensee must submit proof that the licensee has obtained forty (40) hours of continuing education that meets the requirements of subsection 11564B19-13.003(3), 116F.A.C., for each full biennium in which the license was in an inactive status and for the last full biennium in which the licensee held an active status license. Finally, the licensee must either report any disciplinary action that has been taken against the licensee by any regulatory agency or must state that no such disciplinary action has been taken against the licensee. If the licensee has any outstanding administrative fines, the license may not be restored to active status until the administrative fines are paid.

    202Rulemaking Authority 204456.036, 205490.004(4) FS. 207Law Implemented 209456.013, 210456.036, 211456.0635 FS. 213History–New 1-19-84, Formerly 21U-13.015, 21U-13.0015, 21U-19.003, 61F13-19.003, Amended 1-7-96, Formerly 59AA-15.003, Amended 8-5-01, 3-25-02, 12-27-05, 11-8-10, 10-23-14, 2-9-15, 7-2-20.