64B21-500.011. Examinations

Effective on Sunday, December 7, 2003
  • 1(1) The department hereby designates the specialty area examination in school psychology developed and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), or one equivalent to it, as the licensure examination. An applicant for examination for licensure must apply directly to the Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton, New Jersey and submit payment of applicable fees for scheduling of the examination.

    60(2) In order to be eligible for licensure, all candidates must receive a passing score. Any applicant who fails to achieve a passing score must reapply for reexamination.

    88(3) The examination shall be multiple choice. All items will be weighted equally in scoring the (ETS) examination. All scoring procedures and the determination of the minimum passing score shall be determined by the National Association for School Psychology (NASP) and ETS. The subject areas of the examination shall include assessment, intervention, evaluation, professional practice, psychological foundations, and educational foundations.

    148(4) Persons who have applied for and taken the licensure examination as defined in subsection 16364B21-500.011(1), 164Florida Administrative Code, and who have official documentation of a passing score submitted to the Department shall be deemed to have successfully completed the licensure examination. Official documentation of a passing score is defined as the original score report issued directly by the test administration agency to the Department without any qualification, reservation, or irregularity. In order to be acceptable under this section, such score must have been obtained subsequent to March 1, 1988.

    238Specific Authority 240490.015 FS. 242Law Implemented 244455.217(1)(b), 245(c), 246456.017, 247490.005(2) FS. 249History–New 12-21-83, Amended 9-18-84, Formerly 21U-500.11, Amended 1-2-92, 6-21-92, Formerly 21U-500.011, 61E9-500.011, Amended 12-7-03.


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