64B3-1.006. Notices, Current Address of Licensees  

Effective on Tuesday, October 1, 2019
  • 1Each person holding a license issued pursuant to chapter 483, part II, F.S., must maintain on file with the Department the current mailing address and primary practice location at which any notice required by law may be served by the Department or its agent. Within 60 days of changing either address, whether or not within this state, the licensee shall notify the Department in writing at P.O. Box 6330, Tallahassee, FL 32314 or via electronic methods, by sending an email to MAQOlineService@flhealth.gov, of the new address and designate at which address the licensee may be served with notices or other documents.

    102Rulemaking Authority 104456.035 FS. 106Law Implemented 108456.035(1) FS. 110History–New 3-15-93, Formerly 21KK-1.006, 61F3-1.006, 59O-1.006, Amended 10-29-02, 12-7-11, 10-1-19.