64B3-11.001. Continuing Education  

Effective on Monday, September 19, 2016
  • 1(1) In order to renew a clinical laboratory personnel license, a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education shall be earned during each biennium including a minimum of one hour for each of the categories in which the individual is licensed, and one hour of continuing education on HIV/AIDS. Also, as a part of the 24 continuing education hours, each licensee shall take a Board approved 2-hour course relating to the prevention of medical errors, which shall include root-cause analysis, error reduction and prevention, and patient safety, as it relates to the practice of clinical laboratory personnel. Directors and supervisors are required to obtain one hour of continuing education in administration and supervision. As part of the minimum of 24 hours of continuing education, each licensee shall be required to take a one hour course on Florida laws and rules governing clinical laboratory personnel. Continuing education credit is not awarded for attending a telephone conference call meeting of the Board.

    161(2) A licensee may choose to surrender licensure in a given category by submitting a written request to the Board at the time of renewal.

    186(3) The licensee shall retain the original continuing education certificates of attendance received from approved providers for a minimum of four years.

    208(4) Applicants initially licensed (first time ever) are exempt from the continuing education requirements for that biennium, with the exception of completing any statutorily mandated courses. Licensees adding a category to an existing license are exempt from the required 1 hour of continuing education in that category.

    255(5) A licensee intending to use a course offered by a state or federal government agency or a regionally accredited educational institution is responsible for maintaining documentation to verify the date, location, attendance, and subject matter of such course.

    294(6) In order to count for continuing education credit, courses taken at a regionally accredited college or university must be:

    314(a) Documented by an official transcript.

    320(b) Successfully completed.

    323(c) In the subject matter areas specified in subsection 33264B3-11.002(1), 333F.A.C.

    334(d) One semester hour equals 15 continuing education hours and one quarter hour equals 10 continuing education hours.

    352(7) Licensed clinical laboratory personnel who teach Board approved continuing education may claim three hours of continuing education credit for each hour of prepared lecture. These hours, however, may be claimed only once per biennium during which the person teaches the program. Continuing education credit shall not be claimed by school faculty for regular teaching assignments.

    408(8) In addition to the continuing education credits authorized herein, former Board members will receive eight hours of credit per biennium for annual service on a Probable Cause Panel.

    437Rulemaking Authority 439483.805(4) FS. 441Law Implemented 443456.013, 444483.821, 445483.823 FS. 447History–New 2-22-94, Amended 7-13-94, Formerly 61F3-11.001, Amended 12-11-94, 3-28-95, 12-4-95, 7-1-97, Formerly 59O-11.001, Amended 3-19-98, 12-13-99, 3-20-01, 10-13-02, 3-18-03, 2-24-04, 6-17-09, 3-18-14, 9-19-16.


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