64B32-2.003. Fees for Application and Initial Licensure

Effective on Thursday, October 10, 2019
  • 1(1) The application fee for a person desiring to be granted licensure shall be $50.00.

    16(2) The initial licensure fee for a person who becomes licensed shall be $50.00.

    30(3) In addition to all other fees collected, there shall be a $5.00 fee collected for each initial licensure and each renewal for the purpose of combating unlicensed activity.

    59Rulemaking Authority 61456.013(2), 62468.364 FS. 64Law Implemented 66456.013(2), 67456.065, 68468.364 FS. 70History–New 4-29-85, Formerly 21M-34.04, 21M-34.004, Amended 2-15-94, Formerly 61F6-34.004, Amended 9-29-94, Formerly 59R-71.004, 64B8-71.004, Amended 4-27-00, 8-28-05, 10-10-19.