64B32-6.001. Continuing Education Requirement  

Effective on Wednesday, August 3, 2016
  • 1(1) The Legislature and the Board have determined that competency in delivery of respiratory care services is enhanced by continuous updating of knowledge and skills. To this end, continuing education is required as a condition for renewal of licensure of all respiratory care licensees.

    45(2) Each licensee shall submit proof satisfactory to the Board of participation in appropriate continuing education. During each biennium, as established by the Department, each licensee must earn 24 hours of continuing education credit including those earned as provided in this rule. None of these hours can be obtained by taking Basic Life Support (BLS) training. No more than five (5) hours per biennium shall be awarded for completion of courses focusing on risk management.

    120(3) Those persons initially licensed during the second year of a biennium are exempt from the continuing education requirements, 139except for the Medical Errors course and HIV/AIDS course 148and the Florida laws and rules course, pursuant to subsection (5) of this rule, for their first renewal. Continuing education requirements must be met for each biennium thereafter.

    176(4) A licensee who holds a current license as a Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) or holds a current license in another health care profession may satisfy the continuing education requirement for issuance of the Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) or renewal of the CRT license with hours counted toward renewal of another license as long as the hours meet all the requirements of this rule chapter.

    241(5) A licensee may be required to earn continuing education credit hours which include the following:

    257(a) Florida laws and rules

    262Mandatory for all licensees: 2 credit hours pursuant to subsection 27264B32-6.001(5), 273F.A.C. Licensees may earn up to 8 continuing education hours per biennium by attending meetings of the Board of Respiration Care, but no more than 2 of those hours will be credited to satisfying the Florida laws and rules requirement.

    313(b) Prevention of Medical Errors

    318Mandatory for all licensees: 2 hours in a board-approved continuing education course pursuant to Rule 33364B32-6.006, 334F.A.C.

    335(c) HIV/AIDS

    337Mandatory for the initial renewal of all licensees, optional for subsequent renewals: At least 3 hours but no more than 5 hours pursuant to Rule 36264B32-6.006, 363F.A.C. The course must be taken within the last five (5) years prior to either initial licensure or first renewal. Licensees may complete up to 5 hours of continuing education credited to HIV/AIDS education, although any completed hours in excess of the required 3 hours will be counted as continuing education credits.

    415(d) Other requirements that satisfy continuing education are listed in Rule 42664B32-6.004, 427F.A.C.

    428(6) No licensee will be given more than the credited hours of completion of any continuing education course, as credited for completion of the course once, per biennium, regardless of the number of times a licensee registers for and completes a course.

    470Rulemaking Authority 472456.013, 473468.361(2) FS. 475Law Implemented 477456.013(7), 478456.033(1), 479468.361 FS. 481History–New 4-29-85, Formerly 21M-38.01, Amended 9-29-86, Formerly 21M-38.001, Amended 1-2-94, Formerly 61F6-38.001, Amended 11-1-94, Formerly 59R-75.001, Amended 6-9-99, Formerly 64B8-75.001, Amended 5-15-05, 10-28-07, 5-15-08, 8-4-09, 4-25-10, 4-4-12, 8-4-14, 5-25-15, 12-28-15, 8-3-16.


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