64B4-31.007. Definition of a "Licensed Mental Health Counselor or the Equivalent, Who Is a Qualified Supervisor."  

Effective on Monday, December 7, 2009
  • 1(1) A “licensed mental health counselor, or the equivalent, who is a qualified supervisor,” as used in Section 20491.005(4)(c), F.S., 22is defined as an individual who, during the period for which the applicant claims supervision, meets one of the following:

    42(a) Holds an active license as a mental health counselor in the state of 56Florida;

    57(b) Is licensed or certified as a mental health counselor in another state, or resides in another state where licensure is not required, provided that he or she meets the education and experience requirements for licensure as a mental health counselor under Section 100491.005(4), F.S.;

    102(c) Is licensed as a clinical social worker or marriage and family therapist in Florida or in the state in which the supervision took place and can demonstrate a three semester or four quarter hour graduate level course in three of the following six content areas: counseling theories, counseling practice, assessment, career counseling, substance abuse, or legal, ethical, and professional standards from 164a clinical counseling program in an institution fully accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and/or th187e 188U.S. 189Department of Education;

    192(d) Is licensed as a psychologist in Florida or in the state where the supervision took place and completed a minimum of three years of experience providing psychotherapy, consisting of a minimum of 750 hours of direct client contact per year;

    233(2) Qualified supervisors who provide supervision in 240Florida 241for interns and trainees must meet the equivalency standards of subsection (1) and have:

    255(a) 256Completed five (5) years of clinical experience, two (2) years of which can be earned during a post-masters clinical internship with the remaining three (3) years of experience earned post-licensure; and

    287(b) 288Completed, subsequent to licensure as a mental health counselor, training in supervision in one of the following:

    3051. A graduate level academic course in supervision 313which meets the requirements of Rule 31964B4-6.0025, 320F.A.C.; 321or

    3222. A continuing education course in supervisory training which meets the requirements of Rule 33664B4-6.0025, 337F.A.C.; or

    3393. A post-graduate training course for field instructo347rs in clinical social work; 352or

    3534. Is designated an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) by The Center for Credentialing and Education, Inc. (CCE), or

    3715. Is designated an Approved Supervisor by the AAMFT.

    380Rulemaking 381Authority 382491.004(5) FS. 384Law Implemented 386491.005(4)(c) FS. 388History–New 8-14-88, Amended 1-3-91, Formerly 21CC-31.007, 61F4-31.007, Amended 12-29-96, Formerly 59P-31.007, Amended 8-8-99, 8-9-00, 6-14-05, 7-16-06, 4041-8-07, 4058-28-07, 40612-7-09.

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