64B4-6.001. Renewal of Active License  

Effective on Monday, March 18, 2019
  • 1(1) The Department of Health shall renew an active license upon receipt of the biennial license fee, as established by rule 2264B4-4.005, 23F.A.C. By remitting the correct fee to the Department, the licensee is affirming that all requirements for license renewal have been met. Each biennial renewal period shall begin on the date established by the Department.

    58(2) A licensee shall not be required to complete continuing education for the first renewal of licensure. For each subsequent renewal:

    79(a) A licensee must complete 30 hours of approved continuing education credit including two hours on the prevention of medical errors; during the two-year period ending on the last day of the biennial renewal period. In alternating biennial renewal periods, the licensee shall complete either three (3) hours relating to professional ethics and boundary issues or three (3) hours relating to the provision of teletherapy.

    144(b) A maximum of six (6) of the required thirty (30) hours of continuing education may be accrued for credit during one biennium by attending programs designed for the purpose of enhancing the licensee’s administrative, office management, or other non-clinical skills.

    185(3) Within six (6) months of initial licensure and every third renewal thereafter, a licensee must complete a 2 hour continuing education course on domestic violence.

    211(4) Every third biennum after initial licensure, a licensee must complete 3 hour laws and rules continuing education units.

    230(5) Every third biennium, a qualified supervisor shall obtain 4 hours of supervisory training continuing education that meets the requirements in subsection 25264B4-6.0025(4), 253F.A.C.

    254(6) Continuing education hours earned by a licensee to satisfy any disciplinary action shall be in addition to those required for renewal for each biennium.

    279Rulemaking Authority 281491.004(5), 282491.007(1), 283(2) FS. Law Implemented 287456.031(1)(a), 288491.007(1), 289(2) FS. History–New 4-4-89, Amended 12-4-90, Formerly 21CC-6.001, Amended 1-9-94, Formerly 61F4-6.001, Amended 1-7-96, 12-29-96, Formerly 59P-6.001, Amended 2-9-99, 2-5-01, 2-7-05, 7-16-06, 12-17-06, 6-13-07, 9-13-07, 12-3-09, 2-17-13, 11-7-16, 3-18-19.


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