64B4-6.003. Documentation of Continuing Education Credits  

Effective on Sunday, January 17, 2016
  • 1(1) During the license renewal period of each biennium, an application for renewal will be mailed to each licensee at the last address provided to the Board. Failure to receive any notification during this period does not relieve the licensee of the responsibility of meeting the continuing education requirements.

    50(2) The licensee shall maintain and make available upon request the documentation required by this rule for a period of two years following the renewal period to which the continuing education credits were applied.

    84(3) Within 21 days of a request from the Board or Department, the licensee must provide evidence of completion of the continuing education requirements by submission of one or more of the following:

    117(a) Certificates which meet the requirements of subparagraph 12564B4-6.004(2)(f)2., 126F.A.C., verifying the licensee’s attendance at programs given by providers who had, a valid provider number at the time of attendance; or

    148(b) Certificates verifying the licensee’s attendance at programs given by providers who meet the requirements of paragraph 16564B4-6.002(1)(e), 166F.A.C.; or

    168(c) A letter from the instructor of a graduate level course in compliance with paragraph 18364B4-6.002(1)(a) 184or (b), F.A.C., verifying the course was completed and listing the number of clock hours of attendance completed by the licensee. Such letter must be written on official stationery of the institution and contain an original signature; or

    222(d) A transcript verifying credit hours earned in compliance with Rule 23364B4-6.002, 234paragraph (1)(a) or (b), F.A.C.

    239Rulemaking Authority 241491.004(5), 242491.0085 FS. 244Law Implemented 246491.007, 247491.0085 FS. 249History–New 4-4-89, Formerly 21CC-6.003, 61F4-6.003, Amended 1-7-96, Formerly 59P-6.003, Amended 10-15-02, 1-17-16.


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